Colonial is looking for a Campus Pastor who is called to participate in writing a new chapter of an amazing God-story. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Colonial has made disciples and championed the Gospel in the Kansas City Metro for over 60 years.  We are one church with two campuses united by a common mission to help people become passionate, selfless followers of Christ.  Our original Wornall Campus has a multi-generational, spiritually hungry and generous congregation with over 700 active members coming from communities in two states. The campus is located in one of the most diverse areas in the metro, and our members have been learning for several years what it means to be a multi-cultural body with a love for neighbors from various socio-economic and racial backgrounds. We also have been working with our sister, suburban campus to solidify a new generation of Youth ministries, coming from a long & deep legacy that God used mightily to grow our church over the decades. We are now seeking to re-energize and grow our local community and youth ministries in new, innovative ways. The call is for a gifted leader who will provide inspiration and framework for our campus to act!

Get to know Colonial at www.colonialkc.org/pastorsearch.  Our Campus Pastor Opportunity Profile will provide more detail on our church and the leadership opportunity, and guidance for reaching out to us if you’re interested.

Church size:
501 - 750