Job Overview
Coordination, operation, and technical support, including but not limited to, audio equipment and production, in all James River Church venues throughout the week. This includes all weekly services, special events, and offsite events. The Audio Director will recruit, train, encourage and lead audio volunteers in production. The Audio Director will perform research, preparation and practice for best use of production equipment and sound engineering to create an environment to best match the production style desired. To upgrade, install and manage audio equipment in all venues. This is a Full-Time, FLSA exempt position

Essential Functions & Job Duties

1. To work closely with the Technical Director in assuming the primary responsibility of the management and operation of the audio equipment, monitors and production equipment in the Main Sanctuary during all weekly services, special events, and offsite live productions.

2. To work with the Audio, Video, and Technical Director in assuming management and oversight of production equipment maintenance and infrastructure of James River Church campuses.

3. To oversee the inventory of equipment in use and in the coordination of gathering equipment for outreaches and special events by church departments.

4. To play a significant role in the strategic planning of live events both on and off campus, including a defined style for all campus venues, delivery of production plan in advance, ability to evoke the appropriate mood.

5. Manage, and/or operate, front of house and monitor audio consoles and mix for services and events, as scheduled.

6. Act as audio engineer understanding the definition of desired levels and sound mix, as directed by the Technical Director.

7. Coordinate and/or lead set-up and teardown for events on and off campus, as directed by Technical Director.

8. Understand basic concepts including, but not limited to, electrical safety, soundboards, cabling, circuits, music equipment, lighting and video equipment.

9.  Assist in recruiting, training and empowering volunteers to operate the production equipment in all James River Church venues. Training programs should include style, team building, technical levels for advancement and vision casting. Create a farm team structure that uses various venues to develop volunteers to their full potential.

10. Attend rehearsals and creative meetings, as required. Schedule early meetings with set designers and/or other departments for collaboration.

11. Proactively initiate conversations and/or meetings to ensure the highest level of understanding for an optimal experience, as needed. Understand and advocate for the Live Production team, including cross-training within the department and communicating the “why” behind the production team in the local church.

12. Assists other staff as needs arise and as assigned by the Technical Director.

Job Requirements

1. Recruitment of volunteers. Desire and ability to build community within the team, and invest in the lives of the volunteers.

2. Ability to train, develop and cast vision to adults, with energy and encouragement.

3. Broad knowledge of church production, audio, lighting, and video practices.

4. Understanding and translating department goals and information into production concepts.

5. Ability to make quick, accurate, independent decision under pressure.

6. Outstanding punctuality and flexibility to meet expectations of position.

7. Knowledge of modern office methods and procedures including computer, email, and telephone techniques; electronic filing; and office equipment.

8. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing; knowledge of proper English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

9. Exhibits good judgment, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and punctuality through the utilization of professional work standards.

10. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervising personnel, coworkers, and the general public.

11. Promptly performs other related duties as assigned and required with excellence.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Understanding of sound quality.
Experience working with DiGiCo SD audio consoles or similar complex equipment.
Working knowledge of large scale productions and understand the planning and implementation processes of setting up a stage for live and recorded events.
Solid knowledge of the James River Church departments and events.
Possess general knowledge of industry standard information of audio for broadcast and live events.
Working knowledge of organizational, administrative, and budget management practices as demonstrated by their operational experience and/or education.
A positive example for others through personal integrity, self-discipline and accountability.
Possess effective human relations and communications skills in order to deal effectively with staff and the community.
Highly participative relational and communication style, with a team member attitude.
Issue clear and concise oral and written instructions and follow same as required.
Good writing and personal computer skills for administration of email, preparation of budgets, correspondence and records.
Able to make independent decisions.
Receptive to change and be willing to promote new ideas and techniques and take courses in order to improve the overall operation of the department.
Maintain and compile accurate records, estimates and reports as required.
Be organized and attentive to detail.

Training and Experience

Five (5) years of sound and/or production engineer; OR any equivalent combination of training and experience.
Training and/or education in media production, or related field, preferred.
Relevant experience to assist other areas of the Live Production department preferred.
Experience in organization and budget management

Assembly of God
Church size:
Over 10,000