Lead Pastor

Daleville Christian Church Daleville, IN Full Time
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Job Description

The candidate, if hired, will train to take over the Lead Pastor position upon the Lead Pastor's retirement in 2024, although the Lead Pastor would vacate the position sooner if the new hire and congregation desire.

Therefore, this position can be part time or full time to begin and become full time upon the present Pastor's retirement.

The present Pastor has been responsible for preparing the worship service, message, season themes, special days (including Holy Week and Christmas Eve service(s)). The messages have been recorded and posted as the easier option to live feed of service on-line; YouTube (video), website (audio) with links on Facebook. The present Pastor has been responsible for web responsibilities.

The congregation left the Disciples of Christ denomination in 2012. DCC then outlined an Elder led leadership plan, presently six Elders with the Pastor being the "preaching Elder." There are work areas (committees)which the Elders oversee. The Day Care Board has been its own team since the beginning with church members serving.

The Lead Pastor has the traditional tasks of Pastoral leadership, leading the mission (we have supported a church family member connected missionary for over twelve years (DCC is not the exclusive supporter)).

The Pastor attends to the faith challenges met by all: illness, treatment, hospitalization, family crisis, etc.


For over seventy years, DCC has been led by Pastors with degrees in ministry and ordained. However, the Christian Church tradition has historically been open to gifted and faithful people who experience a call to lead. (Such a candidate would be more easily acceptable if experienced.)

As an independent non-denominational Christian Church, there is an openness to other denominationaly qualified clergy. However, the same openness would be expected of the Pastor for congregation's members "theology"--besides, if people are growing in their faith, they usually grow a step at a time. Listening to sermons, any interested party will hear the Biblical affirmations of faith used each week in worship.

Salary & Benefits

$36,000 - $47,000

  • Vacation days

Can be done remote?

  • No

About Daleville Christian Church Church

Non-denominational Under 100 people

What we Believe at Daleville Christian Church:

We believe the Bible is the word of God.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God

 who died to save folks from their sins.

We believe that folks are saved by grace alone

 through faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe that baptism is the means by which

 people are to publicly profess their faith

 in Christ and identify themselves with his

death, burial, and resurrection.

We believe that the Bible and the Holy Spirit

will guide folks in how to live.

The purpose of DCC will be to call people to the service and worship of God in Christ by the mutual encouragement, support and spiritual development of its individual participants.

DCC has served families and community for fifty years through its licensed Day Care, located in the congregation's Education Building. The congregation has no indebtedness.

DCC has an active on line presence. There are a few in worship each Sunday morning through video or audio sermons. The website has been found by people all over the world. Therefore, the congregation is aware of its call to serve the world out of love for our Lord; to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to help in times of need.

DCC was founded by pioneers to this area and retains family of those founders. DCC was born in the 19th Century, served through the 20th Century, and is into a third century of service in the 21st Century. DCC has demonstrated resilience in and through our Lord Jesus.

DCC is a small church in a small town. In the 21st Century, the town and the church have discovered their call to the larger community.