Senior Pastor

Sierra First Baptist Church Alta, CA Full Time
3 weeks ago

Job Description


* Encourages the congregation through development of a spiritual life,

character, a personal life, continued training and attitude.

* Devote significant time in sermon preparation and the study thereof.

* Preaches all Sunday Services (except approved absences) with sermons that help to guide, equip and challenge the congregation to meet the needs of their walk with Christ.

* Create effective multi-media presentations (printed materials, power points, videos, etc.) to support preaching, teaching, training and leadership development.

* Pray regularly for the health of the congregation and the personal and

spiritual welfare of SFBC members.


* Oversees all employees of the church, working with the elder board to

develop and implement a staff supervision model that exemplifies

encouragement and accountability.

* Share pastoral care duties (weddings, funerals, visitations, etc.) as needed in cooperation with pastoral staff.

* Provide leadership development for the staff, ministry leaders, and others within the congregation.

* Provide motivation and encouragement to the staff and create an

atmosphere of openness and trust.

* Set aside time on a regular basis for theological and pastoral reading and study.


* Anticipate and plan for future additions/replacements for elder board and other staff positions.

* Work closely with Adult Sunday School leader to ensure content and

continuity of the teaching.

* Work in concert with the appropriate staff /volunteers to implement

worship services that reflect the church’s values without compromising

Biblical standards.


* Devote some time in kingdom activities outside the local congregation

including support for an involvement in mission and other activities that

demonstrate the broader work of Christ.


A Bachelor's Degree in Theological Studies or Pastoral Studies.

Five years of experience pastoral staff experience that included preaching and teaching on a regular basis.

Salary & Benefits

$50,000 - $55,000

Can be done remote?

  • No

About Sierra First Baptist Church Church

Baptist - Southern (SBC) Under 100 people


Love the Lord with all you heart - Worship

Love you neighbor as yourself - Ministry/Service

Go and make disciples- Evangelism

Baptizing them-Into Fellowship

Teaching them to obey-Discipleship

Sierra First Baptist Church, a Bible-based congregation is seeking a full-time Sr. Pastor. We are located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe in a community of approximately 700 people. We are a small body of very active members and we make every effort to hold to our belief statement, “A Great Commitment, to the Great Commandment, and The Great commission, will grow great Christians and a Church” Matthew 22:36-40 and Matthew 28:18-20. We invite you to apply by submitting your resume via email at

Job qualifications and conditions of employment: Bachelor Degree from an accredited college or university in Divinity Science or directly related field. A Minimum five (5) years of pastoral staff experience that includes teaching and preaching regularly. Compensation will be provided upon request. We have historically considered bi-vocational pastors for the Sr. Pastor role. Additional details, including a detailed statement of faith and a detailed duty statement will be provided upon inquiry.