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About Bethel Baptist Church Church

Baptist - Other 100-250 people
We are a church of about 120 regular attenders and are a mixture of old and young. Our Sunday morning service is moderately contemporary and relaxed. We place a heavy emphasis on personal relational evangelism. Our church government is congregational with a deacon board. We currently use NIV Bible version in the service, but are open to using other sound modern translations. We have a loose association with the GARBC. Link to a video of a typical Sunday morning service: http://bethelerie.org/service Staff and Facilities: No other full-time staff, but part-time staff includes Associate Pastor, Care Pastor, Administrative Assistant, Custodian. We have a large facility that can accommodate 300-400 people in one service. It is a multipurpose facility shared with the school and daycare. Community Profile: ● Population of Erie, PA is 98,000 ● Semi-Urban Setting ● K-12 traditional school ( ~100 students) and daycare (60 families) ● LECOM University (medical university) just down the road