Summary and Essential Position Functions:

Under the direct supervision of the Executive Pastor or designee, the Pastor of Student Ministries (PSM) possesses the lead responsibility for addressing the spiritual formation (discipleship) needs of Anchorage City Church (ACC) youth, grades 7 through 12. As a pastor that directs, develops, leads, and implements a comprehensive approach to youth ministry, the PSM also functions as:

1) A Recruiter, Trainer, Teacher, and Mentor of youth ministry leaders that serve as supportive mentors and role models before individuals and youth groups.

2) A Lead Shepherd of Anchorage City Church youth that helps to biblically counsel, care for, pray for, disciple, and encourage youth toward growth in faith, love, and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Modeling a devoted Christian life.

3) An Administrator of overall youth programming areas that include: Discipleship groups, Instruction, Mission/Outreach activities, and Worship.

4) A Supporter of the Senior Leadership of ACC by modeling its mission and vision; tithing regularly, and participating in OJT opportunities to foster spiritual and professional growth as a pastor.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


1.      Serve as an advocate in Youth Ministry by educating the congregation about the hopes, concerns, and needs of youth within the local church and Anchorage community.

2.      Serve as a liaison between the church and other community organizations, people, and resources that relate to youth and youth ministries.

3.      Partner with parents, as an encouragement and support, in their biblical calling to teach and train their children in the reverence of God.


1.      Communicate in a timely manner using all available resources (email, website, newsletter, bulletin board, etc.). To ensure communication with church staff and leadership, parents, and the congregation as a whole.


1.      Discipling youth to live a Jesus-shaped life through training and opportunities.

2.      Equipping youth to navigate the challenges of adolescents and the transition into adulthood though trainings, activities, and life experiences with the invention to step up in greater leading opportunities.

3.      Being available to youth in the community through outreach, extracurricular activities, social media, and moments of crisis.


1.      Actively seeking out developmental resources for Youth ministry programming. Participating in available continuing education events and youth ministry training opportunities.

Managing and Planning:

1.      Articulate a clear mission and vision for ACC Youth Ministry in alignment with overall church mission and vision.

2.      In concert with other youth ministry leaders, plan and implement the year-long youth ministry calendar of events to include discipleship, instruction, missions, and worship activities with youth.

3.      Lead in implementing annual plans through the balanced management of weekly meetings, small groups, worship, discipleship, mission, and outreach activities.

4.      Manage well the youth ministry budget assuring expenses are aligned with mission and vision.


1.      Routinely recruit and train eligible adults to serve within needed areas of the Youth ministry. Assuring that all Child Safety laws and policies are observed.


1.      Routinely provide instruction to youth in biblical principles with the purpose of encouraging them to make decisions to serve Christ and to fulfill the Great Commission.

Team Playing:

1.      Attend weekly staff meetings with senior leadership for mentoring, the exchange of information, and training.

2.      Working in concert with the gifts and talents of other staff members to maintain a teamwork mentality.

3.      Perform other duties as needed.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Education and Experience

1.      A general Associates degree or a minimum of one year’s experience in an office setting.

Working Conditions

1.      This position functions within a local church setting; therefore, Sundays are included as a working day. The PSM is expected to attend Sunday Services, be available to serve on the Prayer Team, and offer other-related forms of support as needed.

Morality Code

All persons employed agree to live a private and public life in keeping with the church’s articulated vision, mission, biblical beliefs, and core values.

To foster ministry effectiveness all City Church staff are required to participate in an annual performance review.

Salary (Estimate):
Church size:
251 - 350

About Anchorage City Church

Anchorage City Church is a charismatic Christian church. Our doctrine is evangelical and our form of worship is Charismatic in style.