JOB TITLE:    Senior Python Developer
REPORTS TO:  Manager of Digital Product Development



SUMMARY:  Take primary responsibility for the development, deployment, stability, and versioning of the server-side code for the AiG family of websites. Write, debug and help design the applications supporting those websites. Train and assist others on writing server-side code, using our source control technologies and working in our development environment.



1.    Develop, test, and deploy new applications.

2.    Support and debug existing applications.

3.    Develop scripts or queries to automate manual processes, migrate data to and from web systems, and give reports as needed.

4.    Ensure that all current applications are running smoothly and be on-call 24/7 to debug, and fix any high-priority problems that may arise.

5.    Make technical recommendations to those in charge of systems and networking and inform them of the application needs.

6.    Optimize applications for heavy loads and higher speeds.

7.    Assist in the planning and designing of new applications.

8.    Assist in giving time and difficulty estimates for future plans.

9.    Stay informed on the technology stack that runs the AiG family of websites. Give technical recommendations based on this knowledge to management.

10. Assist and train others with the use of web team’s development environment and source control tools.

11. Educate others on the capabilities and limits of our applications.

12. Train and give direction to others writing server-side code.

13. Manage and provide direction for unit test coverage on all python code.

14. And all other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.



1.    Strong Python development skills.

2.    Solid understanding of all the parts of the Django platform.

3.    Solid understanding of development with relational databases.

4.    Solid understanding of the web stack and how to debug any part of it.

5.    Solid understanding of Git.

6.    Moderate Javascript development skills.

7.    Fluency in SQL and the ability to do basic database administration using Postgres.

8.    Ability to communicate about technical topics and concepts in a clear way to a layman or to other programmers.



1.    5+ years experience in web development.

2.    3+ years experience writing Python. (At least some portion in Python 3)

3.    Experience using the basic and advanced features of the Django platform.

4.    Experience writing css, html, javascript and python for an application.

5.    Experience deploying and doing basic administrative tasks on servers.

6.    Experience with the Ubuntu operating system.





●      Completion of on-line application

●      Resume

●      Salary requirements

●      Salvation testimony

●      Creation belief statement

●      Confirmation of your agreement with the AiG Statement of Faith


Process online via our website @ www.answersingenesis.org/jobs



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