Pastor of Outreach and Community Building

Baker Street Wesleyan Church (BSW) in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin is seeking a young pastoral family to join our church staff and focus on outreach and creating community in the church.  Wisconsin Rapids and South Wood County is a hardscrabble paper mill region plagued by drug addiction and broken families.  We average 60-65 in worship attendance on Sunday morning, reach another 20-30 with our Facebook live stream, and have a newly launched extension campus to the marginalized that averages 10-15.

We are looking to reach a core group of young families with youth that we can love, assimilate, and raise up as the next generation to carry on the Wesleyan heritage and message in South Central Wisconsin.  The ideal candidate will be extroverted, energetic, and positive.  They will have a missional vision to reach the young people of our area and they will have a love and patience for the existing congregation as they work with the lead pastor to change the culture of the church.

We prefer a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in a ministry-related discipline and require a willingness to pursue ordination in the Wesleyan Church.  The funding of this position is guaranteed for five years through a generous gift to the church by a long-time member who wishes to see the work of BSW continue for generations to come.  Visit bakerstwesleyan.org and our Facebook page to learn more about our heart including our Community of Hope extension campus.

Positional Objectives:

1)      To have an active presence in the communities of South Wood County and engage with unchurched parents and their children

2)      To invite, connect, and assimilate young families with BSW

3)      To work within BSW and create a culture that is conducive to the addition and retention of young families

4)      To build teams within BSW that provide ministry to all aspects of family life including; the nursery, children, teens, and small groups for parents

Personal Objectives:

1)      Born-again Christ-follower who has a growing and vibrant relationship with their Lord Jesus

2)      Passionate about sharing Jesus Christ

3)      Very extroverted and highly social personality who is energized by being with people (High EQ)

4)      A peer to the people who we endeavor to reach, preferably 28-40 with children

5)      Clear and strong vision for creating spiritual community for families

6)      Leader who excels at building teams and developing leaders

7)      Creative, innovative and resourceful strategist

8)      Possessing optimism and a positive attitude, energetic

This pastor will work in tandem with our lead pastor as a collaborative partner with the possibility for advancement to associate pastor or co-pastor in the future.  The lead pastor will focus on the church’s extensive global mission’s program, preaching & teaching, and administration.  The appropriate application portfolio will include a cover letter, resume, and link to any pertinent YouTube videos that feature your ministry competencies.   Respond to Rev. Milt Van Natta at [email protected] or call 715-421-5335.

Church size:
50 - 100