Beersheba Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) seeks a full time pastor.  Candidate must be a seminary graduate or equivalent and commit to the liturgy, theology, and belief system of the PCUSA.  There are two goals for candidate.  1.  Full time pastor in traditional role: marry, baptize, comfort, bury, preach, etc.  2.  Lead effort of take Word of God to surrounding community, particularly the unchurched.  We are a small but committed congregation who realize that people need the comfort, guidance, and surety that God offers.  The old model of church is no longer useful.  We need to carry our message to our neighbors in a way that is meaningful to them.

Salary (Estimate):
$32,000 - $39000
Presbyterian - PCUSA
Church size:
Under 50

About Beersheba Presbyterian Church

Beersheba is a particularly beautiful church with fellowship hall and classrooms located between the towns of LaFayette and Summerville, GA and within a 45 minute drive of Chattanooga.  Adjoining is the manse, a house of 3 bedrooms, two baths, about 2000 sp.ft. in a grove of mature hardwoods on a 2 acre lot.  All of the physical plant is in excellent condition and debt free.  The sanctuary seats about 200 and has a choir loft.

We are a loving, supportive, non-judgmental group, and we understand that the old model of church no longer works.  We do not wish to make our church "relevant".  We wish to make the Word of God meaningful to those who have the greatest need for it.  In doing so, we will make our church an extension of what God intends.