Buffalo Hart Presbyterian Church (BHPC) is seeking a solo pastor to join us in our ministry to each other and our community.  Our congregation’s vision is to – follow Christ by opening our doors, our minds, and our hearts, as our hands reach out to all people with compassion and love.

We serve a rural community 9 miles northeast of Springfield, Illinois.  Our members include both suburban and farm families and their children.  We are blessed with children, musicians, Sunday school, VBS, youth mission trips, no debt, numerous fellowship opportunities, generous service and financial outreach programs, a well maintained building and grounds, people willing to step-up and serve the church, and young families joining the church.


Prefer PCUSA ordination, but will consider United Church of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, or Reformed Church of America ordination.


We are seeking a solo full-time or part-time pastor with the following leadership skills/strengths:

·         Preaching and Worship Leadership – consistently effective preacher and worship leader; communicates a clear and consistent message through sermons that are carefully prepared and delivered

·         Spiritual Maturity – shows strong personal depth and spiritual grounding; is seen by others as trustworthy and authentic; nurtures a rich spiritual life

·         Technologically Savvy – able to successfully navigate the world of technology using software, multi-media, and websites as tools for ministry

·         Teacher – designs lessons that teach concepts, facts, and theology; effectively uses multiple learning tools to reach a wide variety of learners

·         Media Communicator – has experience developing materials for a variety of written and multimedia forms of communications

·         Communicator – advances the abilities of individuals and BHPC through active listening supported with meaningful oral and written presentation of information

·         Willingness to Engage Conflict – steps up to conflicts, seeing them as opportunities; reads situations quickly; can identify common ground and elicit cooperation from others in crafting mutual solutions

·         Collaboration – has a natural orientation toward getting people to work together; shares wins and successes; lets people finish and be responsible for their work; creates strong feelings of belonging among group members

·         Interpersonal Engagement – displays a consistent ability to build solid relationships of trust and respect inside and outside of BHPC; engage people, BHPC, and partners in developing goals, executing plans, and delivering results

·         Initiative – demonstrates ambition; highly motivated; action oriented and full of energy for things seen as challenging; seizes opportunity; pushes self and others to achieve desired results


The new pastor serving BHPC will:

·         Assist and work closely with committees of BHPC:  worship, women’s association, outreach, education, fellowship, finance, and building and grounds.

·         Make home visits

·         Share fun and effective weekly children’s sermons during worship

·         Provide worship services at local senior assisted living facilities

·         Plan and lead Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve services

·         Participate in Vacation Bible School and youth mission trips

·         Lead adult Lenten and Advent Bible studies

·         Officiate: funerals, weddings, baptisms

·         Other duties as assigned by session

Salary (Estimate):
$45,000 - $50,000
Presbyterian - PCUSA
Church size:
50 - 100