1. Connect with the pastor weekly for the purposes of 1) discipleship and 2) preparation, planning, implementation, and evaluation of music ministry.
  2. Organize the Worship Leaders and Teams (Music, Sound, Video, Drama)
    • Choose the music and organize the worship service with consult with the pastor.
    • Prepare the Worship Leaders and Teams for their roles in the Sunday worship service.  This may include providing the order of worship, sheet music, and videos, and clarification to the Teams to understand their parts.
    • Lead the practice with the Worship Teams.  This may be only on Sunday morning or during the week.
  3. Lead worship music on Sunday mornings.
  4. Develop Worship Leaders
    • Mentor and assist other leaders and Team members to grow in their skill and leadership potential.
    • Assist with music and media preparation, music notation, recruiting for and promoting the worship arts at Celebration.
  5. Other duties as assigned.
Christian Reformed Church
Church size:
50 - 100