Leader of the church/responsible for leading, preaching and teaching, shepherding and equipping the church family for effective spiritual life and ministry within the church family and in the community. The pastor is a non-voting member of the Board of trustees and is accountable to the church for the performance of his duties as pastor and for his own spiritual life and personal conduct. Congregation of under 50 members
Biblically born again from above
Demonstrates God’s gift of pastor/teacher, meets 1 Tim 3:1-7 and Tit 1:5-9 qualifications.
On a personal level, uses godly values as a guide when making decisions
Provides a personal example for spiritual development
Demonstrates love for God, God’s Word and God’s people
Uses the Bible/original text as the basis for preaching and teaching, understands Hebrew and Greek
Promotes the outreach ministry of the body beyond the four walls of the church
Provides visionary leadership to the church
Maintains accessibility to the people of the church
Provide regular, excellent biblical expository preaching and teaching that feeds believers, calls them to commitment to Christ, and equips them for effective spiritual life and ministry

Salary (Estimate):
Church size:
Under 50