Position Description:
The person in this position will manage ACAC databases, setup and maintain various communications systems and software, and have primary responsibility for training staff and pre-qualified volunteers on the various software packages.

Reports to: Information Technology Manager

Position Status: Part Time, 28 hours/week

General Responsibilities:
•Deliver administrative support for the development, implementation and maintenance of all internal databases.
•Develop, maintain, and troubleshoot ACS database and EventU scheduling software to keep pace with increasing demands and complexity
•Provide support to all users relating to internal databases.
•Organizes with all Ministry Gatekeepers with EventU database scheduling.
•Lead individual for Advancement/Operations and complex ministry events
•Evaluate, repair, and document problems with EventU calendar database.
•Investigate and recommend new modules/accessories or other applicable solutions for purchases designed for our current ACS database.
•Setup and maintain Phone Tree software
•Responsible for programming telephone and voicemail software and maintaining current information.
•Develop and maintain all documentation concerning processes and procedures for software, including but not limited to ACS, EventU, Phone system, PhoneTree and training.
•Perform new user computer orientation and training
•Responsible for training all new hires, current staff, and pre-qualified volunteers in ACS, EventU, and other software.
•Train others in the use of the Phone Tree.
•Train staff and other users in relation to telephone/voice mailboxes.
•Provide supervision of Data Entry staff and IT volunteers

Other Duties:
•Assist Information Technology Manager with Help Desk requests, via the phone, email, and walk-ins.
•Provide assistance with other departmental tasks assigned by IT Manager.
•Process check requests to finance department as required for any purchases.

Preferred Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in a related area or its equivalent and 2–4 years of relevant experience.

Required Qualifications:
•Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
•Models spiritual leadership and lifestyle consistent with the beliefs of ACAC
•Careful consideration to detail, good organizational, communication, and people skills
•Respect confidentiality of others and the organization.
•Understands the importance of community and relationship-building
•Ability to organize and handle multiple priorities.
•The ability to be flexible as our ministries grow and change.
•1-2 years minimum experience in an IT environment

More about ACAC:
As a community of Jesus’ followers, we’re committed to communicating His compassion, justice, transforming power, and liberating truth by our deeds and words. We’re committed to modeling His kingdom as an intentionally diverse church family – ethnically, socially and economically. We’re committed to making a difference in the lives of our people – who come from the entire metropolitan area – and the life of the North Side community, where our campus is located. And we’re committed to planting communities of Jesus’ followers in every people group throughout the world. To learn more, visit www.acac.net.

Salary (Estimate):
Christian Missionary Alliance