Job Description:

  • Lead and facilitate Discovery’s worship music and artistic expression in a way that glorifies God, connects people to God, and celebrates artistic beauty.

Job Summary:

  • Lead musical worship at our weekend services
  • Bring a fresh passion for creativity to the worship arts department
  • Identify, recruit, care for, and train team leaders and teams of volunteers to serve in worship arts. Such teams might include: vocalists, musicians, technicians, video, fine arts
  • Ensure that the teams have appropriate leadership and care, provide clear direction and encouragement, and train towards excellence
  • Help convey the church’s vision that diverse and excellent worship and artistic expression is a reflection of God as Creator
  • Lead out by example as a worshipper and passionate follower of Christ


Submission Requirements:

We require the list below in your initial application. We recognize this may be more than you are typically asked for in an initial round, but we find it helpful in determining cultural fit of candidates. You may choose to submit in either video or written except where noted. Each video or written response can be 5 minutes or a page. Send all required elements to [email protected]

  • A video of you leading in a church service – (full band and worship set, the most produced recording you have)
  • A video of you (low production is preferred, a webcam is fine) leading at least one of upbeat and one slower song. We are looking to get a feel for your raw talent.
    A video showing a variety of your instrument skill (ie, give us a few minutes of the best you can do on your instruments)
  • Your philosophy of worship – We’re not looking for anything specific, just looking to get a sense of your heart on the matter. Video or written.
  • 5-8 artists that have influenced you and why
  • Tell us about your track record of building a team or managing large teams. If you don’t have this experience, explain what you’d do to build/manage a large team.
  • Give us your Philosophy of leadership, including your posture towards pain and risk.

Reports to Director of Experiences

Salary (Estimate):
$45,000 - 65,000
Christian Church
Church size:
1001 - 1500

About Discovery Christian Church

Discovery is a Christian Church located in Broomfield, Colorado, about halfway between Boulder and Denver. Discovery launched in 1999 to help people from any background discover the stunning and revolutionary way of following Jesus in a welcoming environment.

Because of this mandate, we strongly invite people to belong before they believe, and we’re passionate about reminding all of us that no matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, you’re welcome at Discovery. Consequently, the Discovery community is a collection of passionate followers of Christ, people looking into the claims of Christ, and even skeptical people who have found community at Discovery.

In short, we’re Christ centered and outward-focused. We’re passionate about our beliefs and respectful and courteous to everyone who joins our community. We are theologically conservative, with a strong thread of grace weaved throughout what we do and who we are. We communicate with an artistic and intellectual bent.