The Worship Pastor will be the “organizer & producer” of each worship service and of special programs. Although the Senior Pastor is the “director” in terms of setting the theme and overall direction, the Worship Pastor will oversee and coordinate all the details that a service encompasses. The Worship Pastor must be a visionary who is creative in leading people to God. The Worship Pastor is a leader who can communicate a direction in a way that inspires those around him/her to join in the pursuit of that vision. This position is a pastoral one,and therefore, requires the individual to serve not solely as a director of musical or performing arts, but also as a shepherd to the people who serve in this ministry.

Salary (Estimate):
$20-$30 an hour
Baptist - Other
Church size:
251 - 350

About El Camino Baptist Church

Our church family has begun a search for a Worship Pastor. Presently El Camino has a Blended service each Sunday incorporating both Modern and Traditional music. The Worship Minister at El Camino may support or coordinate the following:

•        The El Camino Choir—has grown from 24 people to 40.

•        Our Classical Orchestra—has grown from two to 9 instrumentalists.

•        Our Contemporary Band—has 8 instrumentalists.

•        For the past nine years we have presented The Living Lord's Supper which was attended each year by approximately 2,000 people. This event between Palm Sunday and Good Friday depicted Leonardo da Vinci's painting of The Lord's Supper and incorporated drama, special lighting and sound, Choir, and our Orchestra supplemented with professional musicians.

•        Special Christmas services, Ensembles, Soloists, and multiple styles of music are regularly a part of our services.

Our pastors commit first to their own godliness, then to direct ministry with our people. We are searching for a spiritually and emotionally mature, experienced, discerning pastor who can lead our spiritual and musical growth.

If you have an interest in this position, please answer the following questions in writing and send to me along with a current resume.

•        What is your personal definition of worship and of a successful Worship Pastor's ministry?

•        In what way is God is using you in your present ministry?

•        What do you feel are the most effective means of nurturing godly individuals in worship?

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this inquiry and may the Lord guide you in your response.