About This Role
The Children’s ministry, “E:KIDZ” is open to children from birth through 6th grade and provides Biblical instruction, care, and activities during the adult worship experience on Sunday.  The Children’s Pastor is responsible for leading the entire Children’s Ministry department but your primary area of focus is Elementary-aged children and families, check-in, and The Tank.


Primary Responsibilities and Tasks of This Position

  • Seeks to fulfill the Element Church vision in the E:KIDZ Children’s Ministry.
  • Leads, champions, and orchestrates all children’s ministry events at Element Church (birth through 6th grade)
  • Communicates with and champions the Preschool Director.
  • Recruits, trains, and develops elementary volunteers, helping them find their ministry “sweet spot.”
  • Identifies, raises up, and releases new leaders into the ministry.
  • Seeks to engage the whole family in supporting each child’s spiritual growth.
  • Oversees the E:KIDZ ministry budget,
  • Oversees all E:KIDZ social media for both parents and volunteers.
  • Organizes, purchases, and prepares all lessons/materials for the elementary class(es).
  • Schedules and communicates with elementary, check-in, and Tank volunteers.
  • Keeps appropriate numeric records for the entire department (attendance, budget, etc.)
  • Communicates to the Lead Team on the status and health of the children’s ministry.
  • Consistently looks after the safety of the children’s ministry area.
  • Maintains his/her own spiritual life through spiritual disciplines, regular attendance at adult worship service, and staff accountability.
  • Prays for the ministry.
  • Presents the Gospel in age-appropriate terms to elementary children and follows up when children make a profession of faith.
  • Prepares children to receive the sacrament of baptism and works with families seeking to dedicate their children.
  • Disciples top-level volunteers to pour into their teams and do the work of ministry.
  • Fosters a volunteer environment of gratitude, appreciation, and joy.
  • Maintains a consistent strategy for reaching first-time families and families who have disconnected from the church.

Strengths & Skillset

  • Needs to enjoy and be great with children, parents, and volunteers of all ages and walks of life.
  • Possess the ability to adapt to quickly changing operational needs during the Sunday E:KIDZ experience.
  • Must be organized and have an eye for detail, always looking for ways to improve all aspects of Children’s Ministry.
  • Must have classroom management skills and be able to transfer those techniques to other leaders.
  • Must have a high level of physical stamina and be able to manage your energy well in order to perform on a long Sunday work schedule.

Your Team
This position reports to the Executive Director.

This position supervises the Children’s Ministry Pre-K Director.

Key Wins For This Position
The strategy of the ministry that the Children’s Pastor leads reflects the overall growth strategy of the church:

  1. Children report learning about Jesus on their level.
  2. Children report having fun learning about Jesus on their level.
  3. Parents report that their children are nurtured and safe.

The children’s ministry will be evaluated on the following two metrics:

  1. Sunday morning operations.
  2. Volunteer team shepherding.

This position will be evaluated using the following:

  1. Your progress towards department-specific goals created each year with your direct supervisor.
  2. Your progress towards ministry and financial priorities set by the Lead Team each year.
  3. Your fulfillment of the duties listed on this job description.

Personal Responsibilities
While not specifically related to the job, here are some personal responsibilities of everyone on staff at Element Church.

●      Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, (if applicable) your spouse second, (if applicable) your children third and the ministry fourth.

●      Give at least 10% of your income to the vision of Element Church.

●      Be loyal to the vision and staff of Element Church and always protect the unity of the church.

●      Pray for the ministry

●      Disciples top-level leaders in order to equip them to do the same for their leaders

●      Fosters a volunteer environment of gratitude, appreciation, and joy.

●      Invest and invite the lost to know Jesus and come to Element Church.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry or equivalent.
  • Experience leading in a growing children’s/youth ministry of 300+ attendees.

Your Schedule
This is a full-time, salaried position around 45 hours a week.  We operate on a Sunday-Thursday work week.  The schedule is flexible but must be agreed upon by your direct supervisor.

To apply

  1. Please read and decide if you’re willing to adhere to our staff commitments.  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EG-20c7rh4sLTtBukc3YP1ia1KXrj0On
  2. Please send a resume and or portfolio to [email protected]
  3. Fill out the application form:  https://elementchurchwy.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/22/responses/new
Salary (Estimate):
Church size:
1001 - 1500

About Element Church

Element Church is a 12-year-old church plant serving Cheyenne, WY.  We are part of the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church of North America.