Worship Arts Pastor

Job Status: Full-time, Exempt

Department: Worship and Creative Arts

Direct Report: Lead Pastor

Position Summary: The Worship Arts Pastor leads in fostering a culture of authentic worship by designing excellent and inspiring music and arts environments for our weekend gatherings and special events.

About this Position

The Worship Arts Pastor will champion our effort to create a culture of authentic, meaningful worship by bringing people into deeper connection with Jesus through worship and creative interaction, helping to fulfill the mission of First Christian Church in the weekend services and throughout the week. The Worship Arts Pastor will provide oversight and leadership to all aspects of the worship experience at FCC. This is a pastoral position that requires the individual to serve not only as a worship leader, but also as a pastor to those who serve in this ministry (musicians, AV, production, etc.) and fulfill additional duties of our pastoral staff. The Worship Arts Pastor will oversee all elements of service programming including music, audio, video, lighting, creative elements, and planning. He or she will align staff and volunteers with FCC’s mission, vision, and strategy.

Defining the “Win”

Your success will be measured by:

• Raising the bar in our worship culture, challenging people to take next steps in their relationships with Jesus by modeling for them how to incorporate worship into their own personal discipleship journeys.

• Continually increasing the overall level of excellence in our worship-focused environments.

• Growing our volunteer teams by recruiting and training talented people and then releasing them to lead from their giftedness.

Some Important Qualities We Value In This Role

• A vibrant, authentic, growing relationship with Jesus Christ

• A strong relationship with your spouse (if married) and children (if any).

• A commitment to lead by demonstrating integrity in relationships, words, and actions.

• A willingness to commit to the doctrine, mission, vision, and values of First Christian Church.

The Most Important Things You’ll Be Responsible For

• Upholding Biblical priorities and our core values through your areas of oversight and teams you lead.

• Communicate vision and strategies for achievement of organizational and ministry objectives.

• Lead teams to plan and coordinate music, video, technical, and creative elements with excellence.

• Prepare for and lead rehearsals to ensure each team is fully prepared to offer an engaging presentation.

• Participate as a worship leader and musician as required.

You’ll Love FCC If…

• You care about the people you work with and want your coworkers to care about you.

• You’re a self-starter and can lead creatively and conscientiously.

• You know that staff teams function best when the church comes before the department.

• Serving those around you is something you lovingly do.

• You understand authenticity and vulnerability breed trust, and therefore are assets and not liabilities.

Requirements and Qualifications

• The ideal candidate will likely have a bachelor’s degree, although it is not required for this position. Bonuses are a background in theology, biblical studies, music, or further education beyond an undergraduate level.

• The ideal candidate will have at least 2-3 years of worship leading experience, preferably in a church of at least 500 attendees and coordinating multiple services, and a proven history of personal and ministry growth and advancement.

The Fine Print (A Detailed Explanation of Additional Expectations or Duties)

In addition to responsibilities and expectations listed above, the Worship Arts Pastor will also lead in the following:

Personal Responsibilities

• Actively participate in an FCC small group on a regular basis.

• Set appropriate boundaries to protect your personal character and integrity and the health of your home and family.

• Invest in relationships for the purpose of personal evangelism inside and outside of the church.

Organizational Responsibilities

• Attend weekly staff meetings, bi-weekly Pastor/Director meetings, and other meetings as directed.

• Adhere to the FCC Team Guide (that’s what we call our employee handbook).

Team Oversight and Development

• Supervise the Worship Arts and Tech staff team members in day-to-day operational activities.

• Oversee the training and development of Worship Arts staff team members, setting goals for

professional advancement and providing consistent evaluation and constructive feedback.

• Create goals, guidelines, and accountability that encourage recruiting and volunteer development.

• Oversee the philosophy, systems, and meet deadlines related to the production of excellent and

dynamic worship/music sets.

• Manage the Worship Arts budget (including sub-areas of oversight), also ensuring that all

guidelines for expenses and purchases are followed by all team members.

Program Planning

• Administrate all details related to the planning and execution of dynamic programs including, but not limited to, weekend worship services, special events, and other ministry programs.

• Facilitate creative sessions to generate fresh ideas and creative elements for services.

• In partnership with our Communications Team, interface with stage presenters to ensure a

consistent message is being told in all program details.

• Lead regular evaluation sessions with the intention of raising the bar of excellence and monitoring the impact of service programming.

Creative Development

• Stay fresh on cultural trends to effectively connect culture and the Gospel.

• Understand the creative makeup of FCC to effectively maximize programming/series development.

• Lead the creative team in developing elements that inspire people and provoke thought by

propping up teaching series, programs, and other events.

• Lead in arranging and composing fresh, innovative musical arrangements and worship/music sets.

Series Development

• Work with the Lead Pastor and lead communicators to plan and develop series that accomplish the vision as well as spiritual, educational, and organizational goals of the church.

• Schedule and lead series planning meetings with the Creative Team six to nine months in advance.

• Create and manage systems to develop series from idea to implementation.

• In partnership with the Communications Team, oversee and delegate responsibilities related to

creating series summaries, developing promotional elements, and creating service elements that

are fluid, consistent, and accomplish the goals of the service.

Technical Direction

• Act as the direct report for FCC’s Tech Director, meeting weekly to dream, discuss, evaluate and prioritize technical development and advancements.

• Work alongside the Tech Director to create engaging stage set and lighting designs.

Video Production

• Act as the direct report for FCC’s Video Coordinator, meeting weekly to dream, discuss, evaluate, and prioritize projects that tell stories and highlight how God is working and changing lives at FCC, and ensuring that all deadlines are met.

How to Apply

Submit your resumé with references included, and cover letter in PDF format to Lead Pastor Ryan Rasmussen

([email protected]).

Christian Church
Church size:
1501 - 2000

About First Christian Church

First Christian Church Snapshot Profile

Denomination: Christian Church/Church of Christ (Restoration Movement)

Weekly Attendance: 1,800

Neighborhood: North Canton, Ohio

Vision: Jesus for All People

Mission: We exist to reach out with unconditional love to all people and grow followers of Jesus Christ.

Meet FCC

In 1855, thirty-five people got together in a large, empty meeting hall in downtown Canton to sing and hear teaching from the Bible. At the time, it was the first church of its kind in the city, born out of a movement that wanted to get back to the core teachings of the Bible and about Jesus, and to unite around an authentic, common faith for all people. While meeting places and ministries have changed with the years, that heart remains the same.

Today, First Christian Church continues to lead in sharing the Gospel through innovative and effective ministry. We've planted brand new churches. Our second-hand store, Common Goods, provides clothes and food to anyone in our community who is struggling. We operate a preschool that serves more than 200 kids and their families, and a day services program where more than 80 adults with all kinds of disabilities gather on our campus every day. Each Thanksgiving Day hundreds of FCC volunteers serve over 10,000 meals to hungry people in our community. Our Children’s Ministry cares for more than 450 kids each weekend. Through relevant and passionate teaching of Scripture, we see lives change daily. As a result of these things and more, over the past five years we’ve grown exponentially and seen more than 500 people decide to follow Jesus and be baptized.

Our campus sits in the heart of North Canton in a vibrant and growing community called Washington Square. However, we are not a church that only exists in our city; we are a church that exists for our city. We’re grateful to serve our community alongside dozens of other churches. We’re also privileged to work alongside our local ministry partners: Habitat for Humanity, Refuge of Hope, Pregnancy Choices, and Canton Christian Home. We believe Jesus loves this city, and so do we! We believe God put us here to have a positive impact on our neighborhood.

Not only that, but we also believe God is calling us to make a difference on a national and global scale as well. We maintain impactful partnerships in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia as well as strategic missions partnerships in Haiti, England, Kenya, Zimbabwe. We believe that God has called us to be a compelling force for good in the world.

On any given weekend, you can expect to hear good music and practical teaching from the Bible. Kids and teenagers experience programming designed with them in mind, with great leaders, coaches, and volunteers who know them personally and care about their lives. We are one church made up of many generations, ethnicities, political views, family backgrounds, and preferences, yet we’re united in the belief that Jesus is for all people.

As we reflect on all that God has done, we believe these things are true above all else: Our church is largely made up of people we haven’t met yet, God is continuing to write a story in and through us that is bigger than we could ask or imagine, and the best is yet to come!