Director of Youth, Young Adults, & Families

Educational Requirement:  Bachelors degree (preferred in youth ministry or a related field of ministry).  Experience in youth ministry required.

Job Summary:

1- Youth Ministry


·       Build relationships with students by investing time where they are.

·       Recruit, train, and equip adult volunteers to work with youth.

·       Prepare students spiritually, emotionally and mentally for life after high school.



·       Work with the Youth Ministry Team (YMT) and YMT leader.

·       Plan, organize, and evaluate youth programs for effective ministry

·       Become knowledgeable with interests, issues, and fears of youth.

·       Listen and counsel with youth.

·       Teach/preach God’s word effectively with youth.

·       Be available to parents when going through difficult situations with teens.

·       Offer frequent communication with parents, informing them of study materials/topics and encourage their discussion with their teens.

Weekly Responsibilities

·       Plan and lead the principal meeting of youth each week

·       Work with adult leaders, assign tasks, supply them with materials and guidance

·       Coordinate with Youth Ministry assistant for the worship component of weekly gatherings

·       Plan lessons for youth Sunday School classes, and lead or recruit adult leaders


Youth Camps

·       Recruit youth and attend District Camp each summer, serving on the camp planning team as invited.

·       Recruit and attend Dayspring Camp (as feasible) for one week each summer and serve on the planning team.  (negotiated with Senior Pastor)


·       Coordinate with the Backpack Coordinator for youth to help each week filling Backpack food needs for the students at schools.

·       Encourage and participate in mission projects and mission trips that are either intergenerational among the church family or youth only (e.g., Youth Force).

·       Participate in the FUMC Missions Team meetings, to bridge youth involvement

·       Provide care ministry with youth and their families in coordination with Care Minister and Senior Pastor.


·       Participate in yearly activities such as See You at the Pole, Senior Banquet, Back to School event.

·       Help with July 4th Freedom Fest, FUMC workday

·       Eat lunch with students at school when schedule allows.

·       Attend anything youth are involved in such as: sports, band, choir, pep assemblies, etc.

·       Participate in local youth pastor/director community group

2- Young Adult Ministry

·       Track college students via communication with them, social media, etc.

·       Work with other leaders of young adults within FUMC to plan adult events and programming.

·       Relate to young adult worship guests and connect with the Senior Pastor and with others key persons in the church—to initiate their connections with the church family.

·       Provide care with young adults in coordination with Care Minister and the Senior Pastor.

3- Ministry with Families

·       Coordinate with the Director of Children, Director of Care, and other staff to encourage and support young families including those in the existing adult small group, social gatherings, and in developing new groups.

·       Provide care ministry with young families.  Also keep Care Minister and Pastor informed of these care needs.

·       Occasionally attend family visitations or memorial services/funerals related to youth, young adults, and families.

4- Other responsibilities

·       Attend weekly Ministry Staff meetings

·       Attend annual leadership training with Ministry Staff.

·       Occasionally fill the pulpit for Senior Pastor

United Methodist
Church size:
251 - 350

About First United Methodist Church of Grove, OK

We are a church with a strong missional presence in a growing community.  The City of Grove is a small town with some urban flavor, as people have come here to retire from all over the world.  Grand Lake is the draw.  We also have a fast growing and progressive school systems, as the industrial complex is bringing in many new jobs.