Grace Baptist Church is focused on reaching the un-churched in its community, equipping new disciples, and desires to continue to grow with the vision of planting a new church from our congregation.

The church is now seeking a Youth and Family Minister.  This position will require a minister for the younger generations of the church who will oversee the ministries, systems and environments of the church to ensure that the family of God is working together to make disciples of the younger generation. He is first a minister for the young (children, youth and early adults) because these are the people who are least knowledgeable and least experienced in the Christian life. He is next a minister for the parents of these young people because they are in the greatest position to influence the young.

This person will work closely with the pastoral team and elders to implement the church’s mission and provide leadership in helping our younger generation grow in their relationship with God through His Word and prayer, by encouraging obedience to Christ, by equipping the younger generation to walk in fellowship with each other, to assist in training them to build relationships intentionally to share the gospel, and to discover and use their spiritual gifts to grow God’s church.  Helping the younger generation to apply God’s Word to their lives and be able to help others to know God’s Word is essential to the ministry of this position.


·       Bachelor’s degree (Christian emphasis a plus)

·       Experience on a church staff a plus

·       Experience in Youth, Children’s, College Ministry a plus

·       Candidate needs to be able to affirm the Baptist Faith and Message (2000)

·       Must be team oriented in practicing his ministry

·       Fully believe and support the vision and philosophy of GBC

·       Be able to work with and support the pastoral team.

·       Spiritual giftedness in leadership, teaching, and administration (organizing ministry) is also a plus.

·       Being organized and able to oversee and delegate to assistants, apprentices, and Director of Ministries

·       Being able to develop and communicate a vision for a cradle to college ministry, passionately

Areas of Responsibility – Younger Generation Ministries

1.       High School and Junior High Ministry

This will be the primary role and responsibility for this positon.  The Minister to Family w/ Students will invest the majority of their time (50% – 20 to 25 hrs. a week) discipling and developing these students as well as building relationships with the parents. Developing and planning Sunday school, Wednesday Night Youth, discipleship groups, monthly activities, retreats and camps will also be vital in accomplishing the vision of this ministry.

2.       College Ministry


This will be an administrative oversight ministry working alongside a volunteer Director of Ministry with the purpose of encouraging and equipping college students to lead outreach college events on our local campuses. Overseeing and planning weekly Bible studies, campus outreaches, and yearly retreats will be vital in accomplishing the vision of this ministry.  This would be about (10% or 4 hours pers week).


3.       Grace Kids Children’s Ministry


This will be an administrative oversight ministry working alongside a part-time Children’s Ministry Director with the purpose of building upon our current children’s ministry. Overseeing and planning Sunday school, Wednesday Night ministry, VBS, and summer camp will be vital in accomplishing the vision of this ministry. This positon will also oversee our preschool ministry and work alongside our preschool ministry director.  This will consist of 10 hours a week or 25% of the time.



1.       Must be intentionally evangelistic to the younger generation. Working to train and develop leaders in Youth, College, and GBC Kids to create environments that students love to participate in the ministry and help develop students into followers of Christ. These leaders include directors of ministry, youth workers, small group leaders, teachers, and other volunteers.

2.       Touch base on a weekly basis with the younger generation ministry leaders.

3.       Continually train and equip directors with tools and encouragement, via in person, email and Right Now Media.

4.       Work with leaders to create teams of volunteers in each ministry area.

5.       Oversee the scheduling, curriculum, and working systems for each ministry area.

6.       Work with the pastors in casting vision for a cohesive curriculum and mission from cradle to college.

7.       Conduct training events working with leaders to train volunteers for each ministry while encouraging volunteers on a regular basis.

8.       Create events and promotions for volunteer enlistment opportunities.

9.       Look for ways to connect with parents, help them excel at home with the spiritual leading of their children, and assist them in assimilating their family in church life.

10.   Create parent training and equipping events.

11.   Create, use and promote parent tools.

12.   Teach and preach effectively during the opportunities given in the younger generation ministries.

13.   Keep younger generation and parent ministries in front of the leadership and congregation of the church.

14.   Be in cooperation with and maintain safety and insurance requirements of children and youth ministry.

15.   Work in cooperation with Youth for Christ on jr. high and high school campuses leading Bible studies and connecting students to GBC Youth.

16.   Assist in developing offsite Bible studies on the college campuses in the Bakersfield Area.

17.   Sharing the gospel with students and leading them to the obedience of baptism.

18.   Serve in other duties as assigned by the pastors.

Baptist - Southern (SBC)
Church size:
251 - 350

About Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church is a fellowship of followers of Jesus Christ covenanted around the mission to Love God, Love Others, and Reach the World.  Grace Baptist Church is located in Bakersfield, CA and our weekly services and ministries minister to over 350 people on a weekly basis.  The church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and is an elder-led, congregationally-ruled church.