Position Summary: This role provides strategic oversight and creative vision for the entire weekend worship experience on the Victorville Campus. They will partner with HDC’s Communications, Productions, and Facility Teams to accomplish the ministry goals for the Campus. This role will champion the overall vision and culture of the weekend experience by serving as the department leader.

Direct Report: This position reports to the HDC Victorville Lead Pastor and works directly with the Ministers, Directors and Assistant Directors associated with HDC Victorville Campus as well as HDC’s Shared Services and in the context of HDC’s multi-site model.

Duties and Responsibilities include, but not limited to: 

·       Oversee the vision, strategy, and implementation of the weekend worship services for the VV Campus by creating and championing a worship experience that best fits the VV community

·       Work with VV Campus Lead to implement strategy and aid in the creative elements for weekend services.

·       Oversee and evaluate the culture, environment and guest experience at the VV campus.

·       Manage and oversee the campus budget pertaining to the weekend experience.

·       Oversee the recruitment and development of adult weekend volunteers and teams.

·       Oversee a balanced calendar for all weekend worship and experience staff and volunteers.

·       Liaison with HDC’s Shared Services, for all communications throughout the campus, including print graphics, website management, social media, stage hosts and videos, maintaining consistency of branding across all formats. This will be in partnership with HDC’s Shared Services.

·       Personally, lead worship on stage approximately 60% of the time. Contract outside bands and/ or volunteer led weekends 40% of the time.

·       Lead weekly debrief meetings related to weekend services

·       Cast vision for the worship and creative team in order to set and meet goals

·       Oversee a healthy relationship with the shared services department

·       Participate in all-church special events at HDC (Christmas Eve, etc.)

·       Attend and participate in VV team duties and initiatives.

·       Participate in monthly POC duties.

·       Help shepherd the adults on the VV campus including visitations, weddings, funerals, and counseling.

·       Lead with a servant’s heart, demonstrate genuine care and concern, while acting with humility and integrity, when encouraging the efforts of all team members (1 Peter 5:1-4)


Position Qualifications:

·       Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Studies, or related field

·       4+ years of experience in local church leadership preferred

·       2+ years of experience as a People Manager with a strong people development skillset

·       Strong track record of developing worship teams and leaders

·       Able to lead multiple teams to collectively meet deadlines while managing multiple projects

·       Must be a proactive self-starter, creative problem solver and team player

·       Able to work collaboratively with other Shared Services teams to support the ministry of HDC

·       Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

·       Working knowledge of Apple software such as OS, Mail, iCal

Church size:
5001 - 7500

About High Desert Church

High Desert Church is an evangelical community ministering to approximately 12,000 active participants. HDC is a multi-site church, extending our mission to four different regional communities (Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia and Phelan) through separate worship experiences and strategic opportunities for personal growth.

This particular role is a part of HDC’s Victorville strategy. Victorville was HDC’s original site. It is also HDC’s largest site, with attendance generally ranging between 3,000 and 4,000 people.

HDC’s purpose is to prepare every generation to change their worlds for Christ. Throughout biblical history, God has utilized the "extended family" as His primary target for evangelism. That group of close relationships, which we refer to as your "world," is framed by the Greek word oikos (household), a word that surfaces often throughout the Greek New Testament. On average, it is made up of anywhere from eight to fifteen people whom God has supernaturally and strategically placed on your life’s front burner. Our ministry is designed to specifically prepare individuals to more effectively engage those "eight to fifteen," their oikos, with both a clear demonstration and articulate declaration of faith in Jesus.

HDC seeks to fulfill our purpose within the framework of our core values:

1) Truthful - We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible and authoritative Word of God; that it is not simply another tool that one can draw on from life's smorgasbord of self-improvement resources; and that it is true all the time, for everyone in every generation.

 2) Helpful - We believe that God's people should leave every church experience feeling confident that the principles they heard or the encouragement they received will make them more effective world-changers.

3) Durable - We believe that a local church should be structured in such a way as to provide for effective ministry through multiple generation cycles, depending less on the personality of a single leader and more on the team model of leadership.

4) Enjoyable - We believe that there is no good reason for church to be boring, that both spiritual enrichment and personal enjoyment can coexist.