Role: Senior Pastor

Denomination: Baptist

Location: Detroit Michigan (Northend Neighborhood)

The Role

The Historic Little Rock Baptist Church (HLRBC) is seeking a Senior Pastor to provide spiritual oversight and leadership direction to church leaders and the congregation. He/she will lead in the sacraments, preach, teach, direct, evangelize and counsel those in need. The Senior Pastor will champion the church’s mission and vision for the future. In cooperation with the Board of Directors, the Senior Pastor will have primary leadership of all church ministries, auxiliaries and committees.

Personal Characteristics

The HLRBC Senior Pastor will be a spiritually mature leader, a loving shepherd, and an effective preacher/teacher who has a dynamic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The ideal candidate must be a visionary leader who discerns and clarifies the vision and takes a team approach to implementation of that vision. He/she must have proven leadership skills in team cohesion, intergenerational dynamics, and mentoring to guide church staff, auxiliaries and ministries to greater effectiveness. The Senior Pastor will be a skilled communicator who effectively and powerfully spreads the Word of God to build discipleship through solid, biblically based teaching and preaching. He/she will act with humility, strength and integrity and model compassion for people, the church and the community. The Senior Pastor will be personable, approachable and operate in a hospitable manner, showing emotional intelligence, self-discipline and relationship management.

Goals and Expectations

The Senior Pastor will:

·       Faithfully feed the people of HLRBC with the Word of God through preaching and teaching that inspires, motivates, challenges, and encourages the congregation to live the mission of God.

·       Continually grow the spiritual health (unity/trust/maturity) within HLRBC.

·       Work with church leadership in developing a strategic plan for the future.

·       Be accountable to the church and the Board of Directors and provide unified leadership.

·       Be accountable with the staff (paid and unpaid) for excellence in service to the congregation.

·       Encourage and promote a strong commitment to education and spiritual health.

·       Maintain the trust and respect of the leaders, congregation and ministerial staff.

·       Embrace metrics that will monitor membership, attendance and financial increases.

·       Cast an ongoing vision for church ministries and auxiliaries, community outreach and spiritual growth.

·       Encourage and assist Deacons, Trustees, Staff and Congregation in accomplishing the mission.

Principal Duties

·       Leadership: Lead and oversee the spiritual welfare of the congregation. Be the spiritual and ecclesiastical leader of the Church responsible for preaching and teaching the gospel, administering the ordinances of Baptism and Holy Communion and promoting spiritual growth. Jointly approve, with the Board of Directors, spiritual and doctrinal matters of the church, prior to presentation to the congregation.

·       Worship Services: Proclaim the Gospel to the church, the community and the world. Plan and conduct all worship and public services of the church. Officiate at weddings, funerals, prayer services, baby dedications and church business meetings.

·       Equipping the Saints for Ministry. Administrate bible study, membership classes, and discipleship training. Select, train, develop and ordain members to serve in the Deacon Ministry. Be responsible for the training, licensing, and ordination of Ministers as appropriate. Provide final approval and development of all ministry president and chairpersons.

·       Counseling and Pastoral Care. Conduct premarital counseling for church members. Develop, train and promote a multigenerational care and counseling ministry. Maintain a congregational sick and shut-in list and ensure visits, contacts and attendance to their needs.

·       Administration Screen, hire, supervise and evaluate the performance of full and part time staff. Coordinate all administrative functions to ensure accurate record, building/facility maintenance, technology improvements, financial management, budgeting, reports, etc. Provide advisory oversight to the Considine Little Rock Family Life Center.

·       Ministry and Auxiliary Support. Lead officers, boards and committees in vision discernment, long and short term planning and execution of tasks by consulting, advising, and evaluating outcomes. Serve as an ex-officio member of all ministries, auxiliaries and special committees.

·       Denominational and Interdenominational Activities. Cooperate with other churches, locally, regionally and nationally, in appropriate ecumenical programs and events. Represent the church at the local Council of Baptist Pastors meetings. Represent the church at local, state and national Baptist conventions.

·       Personal Growth. Dedicate time for personal reading, research and meditation. Complete annual continuing education opportunities.

·       Outreach. Keep the congregation informed through engagement with surrounding communities and civic affairs.

Required Education & Experience

·       Master of Divinity or comparable graduate degree from an accredited theological seminary or its equivalent

·       Licensed and ordained in accordance with Baptist Church principles and concepts

·       Seven or more years of experience as a Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, or Assistant to the Pastor.

Required Qualifications

·       Experience managing a team as well as proven administrative and financial management skills

·       Effective written and verbal communication skills with evidence of planning, teaching, and conducting worship services

·       Defined plan that emphasizes spiritual development, Christian education and intergenerational membership retention

·       Evidence of having developed programs and/or initiatives designed to integrate the participation of children, youth and young adults in the life of the Church

·       Vision for the use of modern technology to enhance the worship experience.

·       Motivational and inspirational style that includes application relevant to today’s life and needs of our community

·       Familiarity and experience with a variety of discipleship and evangelistic methods and structures

·       Proven track record in project development and execution

·       Understanding of basic church organization and the capacity to plan, prepare and manage within reasonable budgetary constraints

Baptist - Other
Church size:
751 - 1000

About Historic Little Rock Baptist Church

Our Mission: The central purpose of this church is to glorify and exalt our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, preach the whole council of God and present His Son as the only Savior to a lost and dying world. This church actively bears witness to the Gospel by every means possible in its immediate locality and the ends of the earth by reaching, teaching and enlisting disciples of Christ who edify and challenge believers to serve the Lord.
Our Vision: To be a people that are edified, employed, and empowered both spiritually and economically.

In April of 1936 a group of six worshipers under the pastorate of Rev. Robert E. Tate, were led by the Holy Spirit to establish Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church. Through the years we have grown in numbers and outreach programs. Today we are a multigenerational congregation of diverse backgrounds and life experiences, united by
our love for Jesus Christ, and our Faith in Him for a successful future, in, and for, His Glory. We serve the entire Detroit Metropolitan area and have been in residence at our fourth church home since August 1978. We are located at 9000 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, just north of the New Center Area. We are blessed to have been an anchor in the Historic North End District of Detroit for the past forty-two years and to be a part of its current revitalization.

The major component of our campus is our church building. We worship in a historic Neo English Gothic cathedral that was designed by George D. Mason in 1926. This edifice houses our sanctuary, educational wing, business offices, lower auditorium and gym.  The second component of our campus lies adjacent to the church at Woodward and Holbrook. In partnership with the Little Rock Family Life Center, Detroit’s former Considine Recreation Center is now known as Considine-Little Rock Family Life Center. This building houses a pool, gym, fitness center and classrooms. Sections of the facility are leased out to the Wayne County Community College GED Program, and Northend Village, which provides activities catering to clients with special needs.

We have a congregation of 800 members, all having the opportunity to join one or more of our 25 Ministries. Participation within the ministries allows members to build Christian relationships and use their unique gifts. Within, and across the ministries, members work together in Christian Fellowship to sustain our mission, sacrificing their time, talents and energy in the form of fundraisers and social activities that help to support the church financially.