Minister of Music

·   Seek to enlist the musical talent of the church to serve as choir members and instrumentalists. Enlist choir leaders to assist in the graded choir programs.

·   Supervise the care of music equipment of the church, such as choir rooms, instruments, hymnals and music library.

·   Order church music supplies and equipment as provided in the budget.

·   Supervise the responsibilities of other musicians who are involved in the music ministry.

·   Recommend to the music ministry team the needed work and/or equipment to carry on an effective music ministry.

·   Prepare and administer the music program budget.

·   Keep informed on current methods, materials and promotions by attending workshops/conferences and subscribing to music publications.

·   Plan and participate with other ministerial staff in a continuous visitation ministry to church members, particularly those in hospitals, nursing homes, homebound and prospective church members.

·   Meet quarterly with the Music Ministry Team and present a quarterly report to the Deacon Ministry Team.

·   Perform l duties as needed for the Pastor

·   Answer incoming telephone calls and take messages.

·   Order supplies as needed.

·   Route incoming daily mail.

·   File correspondence and other assigned materials.

·   Prepare correspondence as needed.

·   Assist in calling and emailing church members when necessary.

·   Keep other Ministerial staff and Pastor informed of deaths, births, illnesses or other events where he may be needed.

·   Assist Deacons and Church Ministry Teams as requested.

·   Assist with church promotion activities as instructed.

·   Produce miscellaneous reports, minutes, etc.

·   Assist in completing requests for benevolence assistance, and refer other request to a staff member, if necessary.

·   Print Sunday School records.

·   Assist in keeping an updated calendar of church activities/reservations.

·   Order church literature, forms, and records as needed.

·   Prepare and disburse annual contribution statements to members.

·   Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor.

Minimum Requirements for Position

The candidate at a minimum must have an accreted four year music degree with an emphasis in Worship Leadership.  The ideal candidate will have a Master Degree in Music/Worship Leadership from an accreted Seminary or University.  Ability to play multiple instruments is a high priority.


Salary (Estimate):
Commensurate with education and experience
Baptist - Southern (SBC)
Church size:
251 - 350

About Macedonia Baptist Church

Macedonia has a blended approach to worship with a bend toward current worship music.  We are a rural church with a strong emphasis in technology and have invested in the worship center to ensure that sound and video are excellent.  We value worship, and we are seeking someone who can lead people as well as worship.  The ideal candidate will have a 4-year music degree and will have the ability to play instruments.