Seeking Senior Pastor for Non-Denominational Fellowship – Randolph, Wisconsin 

New Life Fellowship is a 12-year-old Evangelical church in Randolph, WI. New Life Fellowship is a Christ-centered, Bible-teaching church looking for a Senior Pastor who will lead the  Church into the next stages of its growth. The Pastor is both an Elder and works with the  Elders of the Church, and as well serves as the Spiritual leader of the Church.  

Our Church has had one Senior Pastor who is retiring and is willing to stay on through the  Pastoral search process to provide a smooth transition. The Church of 100+ reaches people in rural areas and several neighboring communities and has a good standing in a community with several other denominational churches. Randolph is a city of 1800 people and has good schools – both Public and Christian schools, with great programs for families. Largely a  farming area, Randolph is surrounded by endless acres of outdoors for fishing and many forms of hunting. The city was ethnically settled by Dutch and Germans, and therefore has a  conservative Reformed character. New Life is one of two Evangelical churches, and we work in pastoral fellowship with several Dutch Reformed churches, and Presbyterian and  Evangelical Free Churches. 

New Life Fellowship is looking for a Pastor who will lead as: 

  • Someone who has exemplary character and integrity, coupled with a Shepherding heart for people. We look at our Pastor as a leader people look up to because he is honest, warm, caring, and has a genuine interest in people and relationships both in and out of the Church’s fellowship. 
  • Someone who loves teaching God’s word and engages people to think and grow in their faith as disciples of Jesus. New Life has a background in expositional preaching and some topical teaching, both of which are rooted and grounded in the authority of God’s word. 
  • Someone who will work with and be a part of the Church’s Elders, to give guidance,  provide visionary leadership, and maintain a focus on the Church’s mission. 

New Life Fellowship seeks to live out the mandate of its name: A place where people can discover New Life in Christ and then learn to live in fellowship with Christ and his people. We believe in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as Christ’s love and truth are proclaimed. We believe that more than building a church, we are called to live out the  Gospel in the Kingdom of God. 

Some things we embrace in terms of Vision that our Pastor would hold on to:

  • We believe the Church is a congregation associated by covenant to the faith and fellowship of the Gospel that observes the ordinances of Christ – the Lord’s Supper and Baptism of believers. 
  • We believe the Church is governed by Christ’s laws—exercising the gifts, rights, and privileges in them, as expressed in His Word—in which there are two offices: elder and deacon (we call them Trustees).  
  • We believe the Church is how we are called to display God’s glorious character to His creation, by living for Him with a life of holiness, unity, and love. 
  • We believe the Church is to “make disciples” and then equip them through teaching and preaching of God’s word. We also believe the best disciples are equipped parents because they are the best means for reaching children for Christ. We further believe that discipleship is publicly proclaimed in baptism and the celebration of the  Lord’s Supper. 
  • We believe that Worship and prayer and the teaching of God’s word are indispensable elements to our meeting together. We believe that the proclamation of God’s word presumes the authority of God’s word over everything in both the  Church and the world we live in. 
  • We believe there are many more in our community and area who belong to God and as of yet do not know it. Therefore we believe in sharing the Gospel at all times and in all places so that all who hear know that faith in Jesus Christ is the only means for  Salvation. We also believe that our role is to contribute to worldwide outreach in  

Missions and that the Pastor will have a role in pastoring those we send out to serve  Christ in other places, among other people. 

  • The Church’s website has other information and can be found at www.nlfellowship.org
  • Information and/or questions, and request to submit a resume of interest can be  directed to Dan DeJager at [email protected]
  • The current Pastor is Elliott Pollasch, [email protected], if you have questions. 
Salary (Estimate):
Church size:
101 - 150

About New Life Fellowship of Randolph

We are a church in Randolph, Wisconsin - a rural area 45 miles from Madison, Wi.  We are made up of families that love Christ and seek a Pastor who can love Christ with us.  Click on the link to read a profile of the Pastor we are asking God to come and lead our church.