Preaching Pastor – Family Minister for Colorado Church of Anabaptist heritage

Build an intergenerational church with young family focus.  Reach out with us to young families and draw them into relationship with one another, build them up in Christ and grow them into the body/community of our church family.

Are you an engaging dynamic preacher, who lives out his faith, has a facilitative teaching style, genuinely cares for people, is enterprising and social media savvy, leads and communicates effectively with all peoples, and see the ‘cool’ in the Anabaptist faith traditions?  More specifically we seek someone who:

— Reaches out to young families, being cool with kids of all ages, and a heart for caring for the needs of the most faithful members of the congregation.
— Easily builds rapport with others, especially young families. Good with young children, young adults and seniors alike.
— Interested in outreach, church planting, church revitalization, living out one’s faith.
— Possesses sound leadership abilities, self-starter, strong administrative and follow-through skills.
— Demonstrates effective interpersonal communication skills.
— Has the gift of hospitality and caring service/ministry to effectively engage with members and non-churched young families.
— Understands Social Media and SEO to effectively advertise to the un- and non-churched for special event Sundays/Saturdays, Community Sundays, Kids Club, etc. programs
— Worship/music leading experience or musical talent would be a plus as our heritage embraces it.
— An anabaptist in your heart with understanding of its rich faith tradition.

Our formal congregational assessment identified these top 6 qualities desired: preaching (by far), spirituality, teaching, caring, communication and leadership.

We are committed to making the church relevant and engaging for the younger generation. For this goal/vision, we need a pastor: (1) to thoughtfully facilitate this effort with an eye on the future,  (2) keep a pulse on the needs of the congregation (3) genuinely attracts and enterprising draws in the young, and (4) has a heart for the historic tenants that has enabled this church to serve the needs of people around the world and in community ‘at home’.

Church size:
Under 50

About Peace Community Church

Our church is located in Aurora (Denver area), Colorado at the crossroads of two major highways, city government, 50 acre medical campus which includes the VA, local hospitals, major shopping mall, hotel center, and Denver International airport.

Friendly and financially sound. We are a warm, friendly and inviting church community with dedicated, financially supportive members.  Our church building is designed with growth in mind.  Our vision for outreach and growth includes caring for and utilizing existing members’ wisdom to create meaningful community.  An effective cohesive leadership team can be drawn upon to achieve these goals.

Our church is of the Anabaptist tradition with members from ALL faith backgrounds. We hold traditional views of marriage but embrace modern church practices. We are consistently told that we are friendly and welcoming; people feel accepted. We just need help drawing in young families.

The church is actively engaged in revitalization with   modern Christian music and worship programming, REVIVE missional outreach, developing Lifespan Discipleship program, implementing “Just Be Friends”, acquiring RightNow Media.org license, effectively starting a new Kids Club, holding Event Sundays, Topical Saturdays … all this on top of our Community Sunday where the congregation eats together.  We have explored alternative music and worship styles that have included break-out and sanctuary reflection times.  God’s got more in store for us.  Help us  do God's work better …