Worship Leader Job Description

Pinnacle Church located in Canton North Carolina is a body of believers on mission to create environments where disengaged people can engage with God’s purpose for their life. We say come as you are and our passion is being a church anyone can attend no matter where they are on their journey. Pinnacle believes the church should be a place broken people can come to find healing. We are Gospel-centered, unconditionally compassionate, joyfully generous, sacrificial servers, who are intentional about growth and resourcefulness in ministry. The Worship Leader has the responsibility to lead his team and the congregation into an authentic place of worship that is both professional and spiritual and reports to the Lead Pastor.

We are currently looking for a full-time worship leader to lead weekly attenders in worship for multiple weekend experiences. Our staff culture is like a family that places a high value on healthy relationships, authenticity, hard work and the ability to have fun while serving together!


Responsibilities and Duties

-Serve the Lead Pastor in any capacity on a weekly basis.

-Lead weekly worship experiences and uphold both musical and cultural excellence which will include:

-Scheduling the band for weekly gatherings using planning center

-Communicate weekly band notes including band parts, transitions, and vision for songs and weekend elements

-Prepare charts/lead sheets and prepare Ableton sessions

-Lead band rehearsals

-Evaluate Sunday worship and provide feedback to musicians, vocalists, sound engineers, and tech team

-Develop and strengthen existing relationships with the worship team through regular 1 on 1 connections

-Lead and develop the worship team spiritually

-Lead the recruitment, auditioning, and development of additional worship team members

– Lead the tech team to produce high-quality worship experiences

– Collaborate with the Creative Director to produce meaningful moments during the weekend experience


-Strong vocal and musical abilities and have strong experience with guitar

-Live sound knowledge

-Organized and efficient with time management

-Excellent communication skills

-The ability to collaborate with a team to accomplish a project or task

-Servant minded leader

-High energy, strong interpersonal skills, and a positive attitude

The Perfect Fit:

Experience in building and leading a team
Three plus years experience leading worship
Familiar with Ableton, Planning Center, and has multimedia experience
Is willing to give up skinny jeans and deep v’s even before the trend dies



To be considered for this role follow the link below to fill out an application.



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Baptist - Southern
Church size:
501 - 750

About Pinnacle Church

Like many things, Pinnacle Church began as nothing more than a curious dream, and one of reverential beginnings, no less, thought up in the midst of a seminary classroom by Pastor, Heath Davis.

The dream? What would a church look like where anyone could come; a place free of judgment and political agendas; a safe haven for the broken, where those who’ve lost their way can rediscover a fruitful life in Jesus? Why can’t such a place exist, thought Heath?

With that idea buried in his heart, and an equally deep passion to reach people who were far from God no matter their walk in life, Heath and a group of close friends began to pray about where to lay the groundwork for such a place. Seeking answers, and guided by nothing more than their own cast iron faith in whatever the outcome of Gods plan may be, they were blindsided by the realization that a great need existed right here in Haywood County for that very place; a place known now as Pinnacle Church. The only question following that realization was this: How?

But as God would have it, in 2005, the door was opened for Pinnacle to partner with Biltmore Baptist Church to begin their ministry in Canton. With generous support, Pinnacle opened its doors for public services in March 2006 and for four years met at Pisgah High School.

During this time, the church experienced exponential growth, which fell right into God’s next open door, the acquisition of 28 acres of land in the heart of Canton. And in 2010, Pinnacle Church moved into its new home where they reside to this day.

So what do they have to show for it? Well, perhaps the better question is; what does God have to show for it? After all, God’s plan was never to bring together a group of friends, perform good deeds, or construct a building. God’s plan was to reach those in desperate need of his word, right here in Haywood County. Over the past seven years, Pinnacle Church has baptized over 250 people, added numerous growth groups that minister to locals on a weekly basis, and every Sunday, hundreds of people attend engaging, encouraging, God focused worship services.

“The culture of the church is focused on what matters”, says Heath. “We don’t sweat the minors so we can focus on the majors. And what’s more is that here at Pinnacle, we love to worship, we love each other, and we have fun serving God!”