Church size:
2001 - 2500

About The Father's House

Our Story
The story of The Father’s House stands as a powerful illustration of God’s faithfulness, provision and grace. Since 2002, God has taken our story and transformed it into a way of telling His story. We sensed God changing the character of the church to a House of worship, prayer and a place to belong for all people. The church steadily grew from just over a hundred people to thousands over the years. A whole new world opened in 2005 when we started live streaming our services to an expansive online audience both in the USA and abroad.

In 2008 we moved to our new building at 715 Paul Road.  In 2009, we launched our Downtown Campus, now our Life-Center; an expression of the heart of our church within the local community. Today it’s a place where people from all walks of life can find food, acceptance, and support. Many of our friends and neighbors live below the poverty line, are struggling to put food on their tables, or are simply going through a tough season. Our Food Pantry is a constant to hundreds of individuals and families.

When our Chili Campus reached its capacity with seats and parking and in 2015, we opened our Greece Campus.  A new TFH spiritual home was established for the people in that community. With the use of fiber optic technology we are able to broadcast the message in real time from either campus.  Our journey has been filled with God given opportunities and influence and as a church family we have been able to play our part in God’s story for our city and beyond.