Job Title:  Executive Pastor
Department: Executive Leadership       Manager: Lead Pastor
Status: Full Time

Mission and Vision: Vertical Church exists to help people Believe in Jesus Christ, Belong to his beautiful multi-ethnic Church, and BecomeDisciples that Make Disciples. Vertical Church has a vision to 1,000 Discipleship Relationships that are reflective of our local community by 2030 through Vertical Church.

I.              Summary of the Position:
The Executive Pastor serves as an extension of the Lead Pastor leading all staff and functional areas in the accomplishment of the church’s mission. This includes strategic planning, finance, administration, human resources, operations, guest services and assimilation.

II.             Primary Responsibilities:
·       Support the Lead Pastor in the accomplishment of the Church’s mission through ministry effectiveness evaluation, decision making, planning, and leadership development.
·       Facilitate annual strategic planning process including evaluation ministry performance: review mission, vision, and core values; development of key objectives and strategies.
·       Ensure the operational readiness of the church through leadership and oversight of the support staff performing duties in administration, finance, human resources, supply, and facilities management.
·       Oversee key performance measure that provides the lead pastor and church staff with ongoing visibility of the effectiveness of all functional areas of the Church.
·       Develop and oversee the annual financial plan that funds the accomplishment of the strategic plan and meet critical financial objectives.
·       Oversee and execute Church budget and planning.
·       Oversee external relationships with CPA
·       Oversee all Human Resources processes.
·       Collaborate with the pastoral team to implement infrastructure and operational procedures for all ministries, including leadership, succession and change planning for the healthy, long-term growth
·      Translate the church-wide strategic plan into operating plans for staff to ensure that department and individual goals align with church-wide initiatives and goals.
·      Identify and implement improvements to procedures and systems to assist staff in becoming more effective and efficient.
·      Provide pastoral care as needed, including counseling, weddings, baptisms, funeral services, Sunday services oversight, special event coordination, and preaching.
·      Lead Staff Meeting

III.           Strengths and Skills
·       A growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
·       Possess a servants heart and a strong passion to support the Ministry of Vertical Church.
·       Experience in leading and building a team of volunteers.
·       Strong strategic planning and administrative skills
·       Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills
·       Able to coordinate church ministries effectively
·       Comfortable leading people and providing pastoral care in difficult situations.
·       Strong financial planning and budget management skills.

IV.          Personal Responsibilities (while not specifically related to the job, here are some personal responsibilities of everyone on staff at Vertical Church)
·       Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, spouse second, children third, and ministry fourth.
·       Be committed to the vision and staff of Vertical Church in an effort to pursue unity in the Church.
·       Demonstrate a Christ-like attitude through all interactions with congregation, staff, and volunteers.
·       Personally live out Believe, Belong, and Become at Vertical Church.
·       Be a leader of the church by being a staff member. This is modeled by prayer for the church, generous giving to the church, serving the church, engaging in community, and making disciples.
·       Be an inviter to Christ and to his Church.

V.            Schedule
·       Full-Time
·       45 Hours a Week
o   Weekend Worship
o   Office Hours: Monday-Thursday (one day flexible working location)
o   Monthly Personal Retreat

Church size:
151 - 250

About Vertical Church

Mission and Vision: Vertical Church exists to help people Believe in Jesus Christ, Belong to his beautiful multi-ethnic Church, and BecomeDisciples that Make Disciples. We have a vision of seeing 1000 Discipleship Relationships by 2030 through Vertical Church.

Vertical Church is a 6-year-old Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Generational with the singular priority to share the gospel by making disciples that make disciples.