Job Description

Church Administrative Assistant

West Chicago Bible Church


By participating on the Staff Ministry Team at West Chicago Bible Church (WCBC), the

Administrative Assistant will assist the Church by serving as the Church’s primary Receptionist and Secretary. This is a 20-hour per week part-time position.


General Characteristics and Expectations:

·         A clearly articulated commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

·         A dedication to servicing in a church and an understanding of the church doctrine.

·         Demonstrated relevant experience and training as required to fulfill the duties of the position.

·         Good people skills with a demonstrated ability to relate to all age groups.

·         Professional competence and a commitment to excellence.

·         A willingness to work within guidelines, policies, procedures and the budget of the church

·         A commitment to character traits expected of church staff members, such as punctuality, humility, dependability, integrity, and honesty.

·         Character traits needed to work with the public, the staff, and the congregation, such as patience, kindness, and gentleness.

·         The ability to problem solve, complete tasks, and to accept direction.

·         A willingness to work closely with the Pastor(s), church leaders, and the staff Ministry Team.

Primary responsibility:

The Church Administrative Assistant facilitates the flow of information and communication between the public and the church staff, keeps the functions of the church office running efficiently, and manages the resources needed for the ministries of the church to be effective.


Expected Proficiencies:

·         Microsoft Office (expected proficiency in Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint)

·         Ability to learn Church Management Software

·         Google Calendar and Docs

·         Ability to use and navigate online resources

·         Working knowledge of social media

·         Appropriate proficiency in writing and editing skills

·         Working knowledge of office technology




Job description:


·         Answer phones

·         Maintain Church files (hard copy and computer)

·         Update and maintain the church calendars

·         Maintain individual data of members, visitors, and prospects

·         Welcome and assist all persons visiting the office

·         Receive, store, and/or distribute mail and packages (may require lifting up to 25 lbs.)

·         Facilitate communication between visitors, staff, church leadership, and Pastors

·         Perform other duties for the Pastor(s), Operations Manager, and/or church leadership as needed



·         Maintain the church bulletin boards

·         Prepare and mail items as needed

·         Participate in the preparation of Sunday bulletins

·         Send out Welcome letters to visitors and maintain visitors’ list

·         Prepare and mail letters to new members

·         Keep Church database updated

·         Prepare and update outreach files

·         Maintain church ministry structure within church database

·         Maintain office resources and supplies as needed



·         Handle benevolence requests and maintain records

·         Keep the Senior Pastor and Elder Board informed when the office receives important information regarding church members and regular attendees (I.E. upcoming surgery, serious illness, major event).

·         Maintain office supplies and postage.

·         Facilitate maintenance of office equipment.

·         Prepare scheduled lists for the Pastor(s), Leadership Team, and Staff as needed.

·         Prepare various documents as directed (certificates for Baptisms, membership, sign-up sheets, etc).

·         Maintain Visitor’s Packets

·         Prepare Church correspondence as requested

·         Be proactive to help ministry and committee leaders promote, implement, and communicate

·         Schedule and maintain use of facilities





The immediate supervisor will be the Operations Manager, but this position works with the Senior Pastor on many tasks and projects.

West Chicago
Salary (Estimate):
$15-$18 per hour (20 hours per week)
Bible Church
Church size:
50 - 100