Position: Pastor of Students and their Families

Purpose: The Student Pastor will help lead and disciple 6th through 12th-grade students to live at the center of Gospel, Community, and Mission.


Essential Qualifications:

•    Clear testimony of faith and growing relationship with Jesus Christ

•    Ability to embrace and implement Westwood’s Renewing to Renew vision

•    A proven track record in leadership and the ability to cultivate strong relationships

•    Forward-thinker, self-directed, producing results in a fast-paced environment

•    Ability to develop staff and leaders who are willing to follow Jesus

•    Possess proven giftedness and effectiveness in ministry leadership to students and families

•    Demonstrate outstanding relational effectiveness

•    Possess strong verbal and written communication skills

•    Effectively recruit, team build, and equip others

•    Have substantial classroom experience in teaching students and adults

•    A minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience as a staff member in a ministry leadership capacity



The Pastor of Student’s and their families will:

•    Creatively promote Westwood’s ministries to students and families

•    Enlist, train, and lead innovative ministry teams

•    Oversee the selection and implementation of curriculum and educational resources

•    Develop and administer the annual budget for these ministry areas

•    Actively engage in supporting and encouraging the Westwood leadership community

•    Proactively pursue professional growth and ministry effectiveness

•    Encourage parents in the spiritual nurturing of their students

•    Perform other pastoral duties as assigned (care visits, weddings, funerals, counseling, etc.)


Accountability: The Pastor of Student’s and their Families is directly accountable to the NextGen Pastor.

Hours & Compensation: The Pastor of Student’s and their Families is a full-time, exempt position, 40HPW. Compensation is commensurate with other positions in the church.

Baptist - Other
Church size:
751 - 1000

About Westwood Baptist Church

Jesus is Renewing us to Renew the World

In the Pacific Northwest, renewal is a buzzword: urban renewal, renewable resources, renewing the planet. We believe that Jesus is in the business of renewing lives. By the power of the Gospel, Jesus is renewing us. He is teaching us to live at the intersection of Gospel, Community and Mission. We need the Gospel to shape who we are deeply, we need Community to find healing and support, and we need Mission to send us out as agents of Gospel renewal wherever we live, work, learn and play. Jesus brings his power of Gospel renewal to the world through his people. When we go to be the church, we bring blessing, healing, and renewal to the world around us and join Jesus on mission in our world.

As we pursue Gospel multiplication, there are four main priorities we pursue as a church:

As individuals, we are each called to our Personal Oikos. Oikos is the Greek word for “household,” that extended circle of people who make up our everyday lives. Each of us has 8-15 people that God has supernaturally and strategically placed in our lives for the sake of the Gospel. We intentionally pray for them by name, invest in them relationally and invite them to church.

As a body, we gather in Missional Communities. We gather to speak the Gospel to one another, care for one another in real Community, and work together to live on Mission where we live, work, learn and play.

As a church, we want to multiply and become a Family of Churches in the South Sound. We dream of multiplying leaders, disciples, and congregations to see the Gospel reach 26,000 people by 2026. We long to see every man, women, and child in the South Sound have a chance to know the love of Jesus and follow him all of their days.

And as a church in the Western world, we long to see the Gospel multiply to the unreached peoples of this world. We dedicate a significant portion of our annual budget for global missions for unreached peoples that the name of Jesus might be exalted in all the earth.


Our Cultural Values

The following values establish our culture. They define who we are and shape who we are becoming. They are both descriptive and aspirational. This is who we are… and who we hope to one day fully become. As we grow and move forward as a church, it is these eight values we pray will keep us grounded and centered:


1.   We are joyously in love with Jesus.

When it’s all about Jesus, church is a breath of fresh air.

2.   We are Gospel-centered and Bible-saturated.

We follow everything Jesus said, even when it’s hard.

3.   We are authentic and vulnerable.

Grace makes it safe to take off the mask.

4.   We are multigenerational and multicultural.

We fight for unity and overwhelm with honor.

5.   We love people into loveliness.

We love before it’s reasonable and far beyond expectations.

6.   We are generous and invested partners.

We gladly serve and sacrifice for the sake of the mission.

7.   We choose Jesus’ mission over our comfort.

We give up things we love for those we love even more.

8.   We are a launch pad, not a landing strip.

We gather to go and join Jesus on mission in our world.