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Job Description

Preaches and teaches on Sunday mornings on a scheduled basis and additionally, as requested by the senior pastor.

• Organizes mid-week worship and fellowship, currently known as ALIVE. This is a less formal, contemporary gathering that has involved praise and worship, testimony, and teaching. It provides an alternate service for those who cannot attend on Sundays for various reasons and for anyone who desires to participate.

• Becomes intentionally familiar with the congregation and the community-at-large, building relationships through caring bonds including, but not limited to visitation and attending events.

• Assists with and participates in WBC events and ministries in consultation with the Senior Pastor and Ministry Team.

• As needed, provides confidential pastoral counselling (emergencies and other short-term situations) to the church family in consultation with the Senior Pastor and Ministry Team.

• Is passionate about learning and exploring new ideas, ways and venues for outreach, ministry and teaching, focusing on innovation and creativity in all aspects of ministry.

Provides pastoral leadership, vision, and overall direction for young families and adults, including middle/high school and post-secondary students to explore faith and grow spiritually by performing the following:

• Developing relationships that foster teaching and discipling teens to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and deepen their walk with the Lord.

• Building and training volunteer teams.

• Equipping parents with the knowledge and skills to disciple their teens.

• Equipping youth and young adults to grow in wisdom and spiritual discipline.

• Connecting with post-secondary institutions to ensure students are linked with faith-based inter-varsity fellowships

• Creating opportunities to maintain home church contacts (e.g., mid-term/mid-year calls, care packages, cards, visits, calendar of opportunities at home when here on breaks, etc.)

• Creating opportunities for meaningful connections and relationships with post-secondary and working young adults who are between the traditional “youth” and “adult” phases of life and ministry.

More specifically, this may look like the following:

• Ministry Alignment

o Develops and implements a unified ministry plan for youth, young adults, and young families that is consistent with WBC’s mission.

o Fosters unity and good working relationships between youth/young adult leaders.

o Meets with the young adult leaders and teams to develop and evaluate goals and strategies.

o Nurtures smooth transitions for young people as they grow through various ministries.

• Develops Youth Leaders/Volunteers

o Oversees the recruitment and training of adult leaders and volunteers to work with middle and high school students, providing opportunities to debrief, dream, and develop.

o Ensures that youth workers and leaders are screened before placing them in ministry and that related documentation is maintained.

o Ensures child/teen safety procedures are implemented when recruiting volunteers to support events and provide a safe, healthy environment.

• Influence Discipleship/Youth Engagement

o Disciples youth and promotes Christian service (provides opportunities for youth participation on Sunday mornings, during evening services, mission trips, community outreach, involvement in church life, ushering, music, etc.).

o Creates age-appropriate, engaging opportunities to serve and participate in ministry locally and globally.

o Encourages intergenerational and multicultural connections and service.

o Advocates for youth and young adults to have a significant and meaningful place and voice in WBC ministry.

• Partner with Parents

o Effectively promotes activities and events to youth, parents, and others.

o Promotes parent resources and educational opportunities that support parents to raise youth of faith, such as supplemental reading materials, educational events, parenting nights/weekend, and Sunday School classes on parenting.

• Budget

o Manages the youth ministry budget and maintains accurate records concerning finances, receipts, fundraising information, program information/activities, CRC, attendance, and consent forms.


Character/Personal Attributes

• Evidence of a growing personal relationship and commitment to Christ.

• Positive role model.

• Demonstrates spiritual maturity, godly character.

• Respected by and respectful of both other Christians and non-Christians.

• Lifelong learner with solid knowledge of scripture and strong theological foundation.

• Passionate to learn and be on the cutting-edge in ministry and approach.

• Demonstrates spiritual leadership which empowers and encourages others.

• Collaborative, teammate who gets along well with others.

• Communicates effectively one-on-one, as well as in small and large group settings.

• Intercultural and intergenerational understanding and competence.

• Demonstrates healthy family and interpersonal relationships.

• Organized and self-motivated with a strong work and leisure ethic and balance.

• Wise in the use of social media, representing the church and faith honourably online.


• Accredited by, or willingness to enter the process to be accredited by, the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) Board of Ministerial Standards and Education.

• Ability to think strategically and creatively.

• Effective administrative and organizational skills.

For more information or to apply for this position, forward your letter of interest and current ministry to:

Sherry Leech, Chair - WBC Search Committee

Cell - 506-325-8531

Email -

Salary & Benefits

$40,000 - $60,000

Can be done remote?

  • No

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