Children’s Minister

Chinese Baptist Church of Orange County Anaheim, CA Full Time
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Job Description

Principal Functions:


Lead and build the Children’s ministry to have positive, supportive, and encouraging relationships in the love of Christ. Equip children to minister to others—to peers and even to those who are older. Involve children actively in the ministries of the congregation and lead the children to develop a sense of ownership, a sense of responsibility to the congregation, and its disciple-making mission.

Primary Responsibilities:


  1. Work closely with the pastors and elders to enact a consistent discipleship strategy for children from birth to sixth grade that integrates with the church’s broader discipleship strategy.
  2. Passionate about evangelizing and discipleship training for children.
  3. Lead and develop a comprehensive discipleship ministry for children.

4. Supervise, ensure, and administrate the Child Safety Policy within the Children’s Ministry.

5. Oversees the planning and execution of all activities and events related to the Children’s Ministry.

6.Provides resources and support to families for spiritual leadership and parenting.

7.Enlist, help, and develop new and existing volunteers in the Children’s Ministry.

8.Coordinate childcare for all other church-wide events.


Desired Qualities/Qualifications:


  1. Demonstrates proficiency in the doctrines and practice of the Baptist faith and message.
  2. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree related to ministry is required. MA in Children/Family ministries or similar is preferred.
  3. Have leadership, organizational, communication, interpersonal, and conflict resolution skills.
  4. Have experience working with children in an educational or ministry setting. Experience working in a mid-sized church is preferred.
  5. Proficient with various forms of media and technology involved in ministry.
  6. Able to use different teaching methods to develop and execute engaging lessons and activities for children.
  7. Experience serving or leading in Children’s Ministry.
  8. Ability to work within a multi-ethnic environment.  
  9. Have music skills. Able to play guitar and sing is a plus.


Salary & Benefits

$60,000 - $65,000

Can be done remote?

  • No

About Chinese Baptist Church of Orange County Church

Baptist - Southern (SBC) 251-500 people


Chinese Baptist Church of Orange County (CBCOC) is a loving New Testament Chinese Church whose purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission challenge of worship, evangelism, discipleship, and ministry.



Christ-Centered Unity In Diversity

CBCOC believes Christ is the Head of our church and we strive to demonstrate His Grace and His Love to the world. Our unity is based on our commitment to Christ, with appreciation of our diversity in cultures. We believe that unity is not necessarily uniformity. We encourage and respect different points of view and methods.


Biblical Truth Foundational

Teaching, applying & guarding of the truth of the Bible form the basic foundation of our church. II Timothy 3: 16-17


Citizen of God's Kingdom

As citizens of God's kingdom, we pledge our allegiance to Christ's Lordship. We are guided by the Holy Spirit to Christ-like living. We are Christ's ambassadors to reach the lost world. We watchfully prepare for the return of the King.


One Another Members

We believe that every member is a vital link in the growth of the church through their participation in exercising their gifts, loving care for one another, praying for one another , ministering to one another's needs, and fellowshipping with one another.

Commitment To Missions & Continual Evangelism

CBCOC is committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20), through our participation in cross-cultural missions. We believe in spreading the gospel through programming & personal relationships.


CBCOC Children’s Ministry Mission Statement:

For God’s glory CBCOC is committed to introducing kids to Jesus (evangelize); teach them to know God, love God and love others. Train them to serve the world (disciple/encourage); and involve them in ministry using their skills, talents, and gifts (equip.).