Children's Ministry Director

GraceChurch of Wright County Buffalo, MN Part Time
1 month ago

Job Description

We are looking for a leader to direct the children’s program of Grace Church and minister to both the children in our congregation and the broader community.

The ideal candidate has experience in ministering to children and their parents, as well as experience managing volunteers. This role requires a person who relates well with people of different ages and backgrounds.

  • Oversee an inspirational and educational program where children and their families will want to come to Grace church, as they see the value and excellence by which we reach out and positively affect the next generation.


  • Maintain the integrity of the children’s Bible teaching time and review all curriculum used by the children’s ministry to make sure the instruction is consistent with the doctrinal convictions of the church.

  • Maintain security procedures that protects children while under our church’s care.


  • Oversee the setup and operation of all related children’s ministry environments on Sunday morning, including check-in, individual children’s environments, security, check out, setup and tear down.


  • Recruit, develop, and manage all children’s ministry volunteers from infancy through fifth grade.

  • Maintain a monthly volunteer schedule that is sent to volunteers at least three weeks in advance.

  • Lead creative team meetings with the children’s ministry volunteers in order to implement the curriculum on Sunday mornings.


  • Create systems and events to thank and appreciate children’s ministry volunteers.


  • Provide resources for children and parents as needed.


  • Explore emerging technologies that help engage more children and volunteers in the children’s ministry of Grace church.


  • Plan and oversee special events related to children and families, including Vacation Bible School, fall festivals, etc.

  • Regularly report to the senior pastor about the health status of the children’s ministry.



  • A strong desire to teach and mentor children in biblical truth.


  • In agreement with the core partnership requirements of Grace Church.


  • In agreement with the culture of Grace Church.

  • Prior experience working as a Children's Ministry Volunteer/ or Director.

  • Ability to lead and communicate with volunteers eeefectively.

Salary & Benefits


Can be done remote?

  • No

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