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Oasis Community Littleton, CO Full Time
9 months ago

Job Description

Oasis Community Lead Pastor


Responsible to:

The Pastor of Oasis Community is responsible to the Leadership Team, an elder form of governance.



The Pastor of Oasis will invite and lead the people of Oasis to become increasingly devoted followers of Christ through shepherding, teaching the Word and facilitating opportunities for community members to serve each other and the outside community.  


Pastoral Care

Through a relational style of ministry, the pastor will shepherd the community of Oasis, providing appropriate pastoral care to its members. The experiences, challenges and circumstances of life will provide the context of that pastoral care. The pastor will encourage community members to use their gifts of service in the care of the community.



As leader of Oasis you will humbly lead the community through an intentional life of service. You will seek to prepare and release people for service by personally modeling a life of service.


In faithfulness to the Scriptures, you will lead the community through sound, relevant instruction including:

·       Personally preaching, teaching or facilitating in the regular community gatherings 

·       Empowering and overseeing community and guest speakers 

·       Determining a teaching schedule for regular and seasonal church calendar  

·       Encouraging and watching over the various teaching venues of the community (children, youth, group or book studies) 

·       Promote spiritual and emotional health. Help create healthy boundaries for you, your family and your church family.


Ministry Facilitator

As ministry facilitator you will take responsibility for and oversee the various ministries of the community including:

·       Determining appropriate staffing for ministry positions with approval of Leadership Team (Currently Worship Leader and Children’s Ministry Coordinator) 

·       Mentoring, encouraging and empowering ministry leaders 

·       Assessing and providing direction for any new ministry movements in the community


Minimum education required: Bachelor's in biblical studies or other ministry-related degree

Preferred: Master of Arts in Biblical Studies or other ministry-related degree

Master of Divinity degree

Denominationally: We are a non-denominational church which considers itself to be broadly evangelical in background and nature.

Salary & Benefits


Can be done remote?

  • No

About Oasis Community Church

Non-denominational Under 100 people

Oasis Community, Littleton, Colorado. Rest for your soul. Released to serve. 


Come to Oasis where you will find living water in a dry and thirsty land.


The Oasis Community ethos is hard to define unless you’ve experienced it for yourself. From the beginning of Oasis, we have focused on the relationships we share, the living water that flows from Jesus and refreshes the individual soul, which in turn streams into the relationships around us. Many weary, hurt, lonely and searching travelers have found peace and refuge in the home of Oasis. We provide the space, community and support that families and individuals need to rest and heal while being released into the world to serve. 


We are currently a small body of believers, who are deeply known by each other in the midst of this world of pain and distress. Oasis provides a safe space for members to bring their diverse backgrounds and perspectives to share. How different are we? We have people on both sides of the political aisle, ranging in length and breadth of faith and economic status; we find our common ground in Christ. Throughout our 20 years of existence, we have had 3 pastors, each who served faithfully, 2 of whom have passed the torch and still attend.  


At Oasis Community, we are inviting our next pastor to pick up the torch. We pray for someone who passionately pursues the Lord, who will join our community of fellow travelers as we all seek to become increasingly devoted to God. We are looking for a shepherding pastor driven by deep relationships. We seek a pastor who prioritizes strong connections over programs and who emphasizes healthy growth, both in numbers and teaching and living out of God’s word. Your role is to equip the body for ministry and to facilitate the development of the community. We desire someone who will support the natural abilities and ministries that our body already has and encourage those lay ministers to move their ministries to the next level.


We are hoping to fill this position by the end of the year. We will provide a $70,000 total salary. You may designate your salary as housing allowance, for medical expenses, or as ordinary income, all within IRS guidelines.

On our website,, you can find our Mission Statement, Statement of Faith and Core Values.

Please submit your resume and your response to the following: 

1. Tell us about your faith journey.

2. Describe yourself theologically and your view of scripture.

3. Briefly explain to us your philosophy of ministry.

4. What draws you to pastoral ministry?