Lead Pastor

Sts. Clare & Francis ECC St. Louis, MO Part Time
7 months ago

Job Description

Position Description

Sts. Clare & Francis is small parish of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion. The community seeks a part-time pastor to lead our community and partner with existing volunteer lay leaders to manage its day-to-day operations.

Pastoral Responsibilities

  • Lead the community in creating a vision for the future, including:
  • Working with the Parish Council to build financial stability and security for the community in both the short-term and the long-term
  • Creating opportunities for members to live their faith outside of the four walls of our church
  • Building a comprehensive strategy to invite new members to the community centered on inclusivity
  • Rebuilding a collaborative, vibrant music ministry
  • Direct Liturgies, including:
  • Oversight of all Liturgies and assurance that they align with our community’s theology
  • Oversight of the coordination of clergy and preachers for all Masses, including weekly liturgies, Holy Days, weddings and funerals
  • Oversight and collaboration with the Liturgy Committee ensuring maximum involvement and participation by community members
  • Provide the following pastoral care to parishioners in need or coordinate clergy & members of the We Care Collective to provide the following duties:
  • One-on-one counseling for parishioners
  • Visiting hospital, nursing home, rehab patients, and homebound parishioners
  • Prepare and offer members sacraments
  • Attend all Pastoral Team meetings and Parish Council meetings
  • Oversee the business operations of the parish
  • Attend most SCF events
  • Have general knowledge of the working of systems at Peace UCC, Mead Center and Eden (e.g. HVAC, sound systems, cleaning supplies, key contacts)
  • Participate in community organizations for clergy and build relationships with other faith communities
  • Serve as delegate to ECC House of Pastors & ECC Mid-America Diocese


The pastor we seek is:

  • Spiritually centered
  • Passionate and able to generate passion and dedication among the community
  • Able to help set a collaborative vision for rebuilding our membership
  • Welcoming of people with divergent views, gender identities, sexual preferences, races and ethnicities
  • Able to deal fearlessly and effectively with conflict
  • Collaborative, a team player and problem-solver
  • A good listener and effective communicator
  • In possession of a caring and loving soul
  • Living a life of integrity and able to follow through on commitments to the community
  • Grounded, emotionally secure and sensitive to the needs of parishioners
  • An effective administrator
  • Theologically compatible with the principles of Sts. Clare & Francis and the larger ECC

Education and Experience

  • Masters of Divinity or Theology degree or equivalent
  • Intention to be ordained as a priest in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion
  • Previous pastoral experience preferred
  • Previous supervisory experience preferred

Salary & Benefits

$33,000 - $37,000

Can be done remote?

  • No

About Sts. Clare & Francis ECC Church

Other Under 100 people

Statement of Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity and Welcoming 

We, the people of Sts. Clare and Francis, are committed to the inclusion of all persons, no exceptions, on our journey with God together. By including, we honor the presence of God in all persons and in all of creation; by embracing diversity, we allow a richer and deeper atmosphere, through which the gifts and talents of all persons are recognized and treasured; and, by welcoming others to a safe place for healing, our own experiences of exclusion are transformed into a gift for others. 

Statement of Commitment to Spiritual Challenge and Growth 

We, the people of Sts. Clare and Francis, value spiritual growth and seek spiritual challenge. We believe our life’s work is to transcend our inner self and deepen our relationship with God, one another and all of creation. As a community, we are committed to reflecting these values through small faith groups, contemplative prayer, spirituality-focused events and a liturgy filled with shared musical expression.


Statement of Commitment to Service, Caring, Compassion and Solidarity 

We, the people of Sts. Clare and Francis, recognize that injustice persists in the world; and we are committed to act on behalf of those most affected. We believe that every living creature is an expression of God; and we are committed to our call to serve and act as compassionate stewards toward all of creation. As a community we are deeply committed to each other; and strive to be instruments and witnesses of the breadth of God’s compassion and action towards all of creation. 

Statement of Commitment to Community, Friendship and Intimacy 

We, the people of Sts. Clare and Francis, are committed to community, friendship and intimacy. We are aware that we are participating in something greater than ourselves. The Holy Spirit connects and flows between us as we share our stories, care for one another in transitions, and gather at liturgy. We are called to seek the face of Christ in everyone, most especially in the marginalized and oppressed of our greater community.