Operations Project Manager

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Job Description

The primary responsibility of the Operations Project Manager is to work on

behalf of the Session (through its Building & Grounds Committee) and report to them to ensure

that the facilities of New Hope are safe, operational, attractive, and sustainable.




Job Title: Operations Project Manager Date: 6/16/2022

Reports To: Senior Pastor

Department: Administration Staff






Pay Type:



_____ HOURLY




Supervisory responsibilities include assigning, scheduling, monitoring and controlling work; evaluating

and managing performance; assisting with interviewing and hiring of contractors; and recommending

discipline or termination when necessary.

Job Titles Supervised: Contractors and Volunteers

Position Purpose: The primary responsibility of the Operations Project Manager is to work on

behalf of the Session (through its Building & Grounds Committee) and report to them to ensure

that the facilities of New Hope are safe, operational, attractive, and sustainable.

Essential Roles:

1. Work with the Building & Grounds Committee to identify and prioritize facility-related


2. Manage those projects and serve as a liaison between the Building and Grounds

Committee, contractors, and staff (particularly Custodian and Office Manager.)

3. Provide direction and advise the Building & Grounds Committee as they create and

allocate their annual budget.

4. Manage maintenance and facilities contracts to provide optimal service for New Hope.

5. Actively enlist and coordinate the work of volunteers for appropriate projects.

Basic Duties:

1. Coordinate and provide oversight of special projects, such as major repairs and capital

expenditures (i.e., roof, parking lot, etc.) under the guidance of the Building & Grounds


2. Working with the Office Manager, Negotiate and Manage Long-Term Facility Use



3. Coordinate with the Custodian to complete recurring maintenance, identify chronic issues,

and special repair projects. With the Custodian, create and maintain a facility log to track

problems, repairs, and maintenance. Walk the building weekly with the Custodian and/or

Office Manager to review, identify, and track facility needs.

4. Submit a monthly report to Building & Grounds Committee of facility repairs, incidents,

and recommendations for future work.

5. Review of all contracts prior to renewal, including comparative analysis with alternative

suppliers. These include Insurance, Office Equipment, Internet, Landscaping, Snow

Removal, and IT.

6. Ensure regulatory inspections and maintenance are scheduled and completed in a timely

fashion. Maintenance would include, but not be limited to, elevator, security (locks and

cameras), internal fire suppression sprinklers and alarm system, backflow tests, HVAC,

fire extinguishers, audio visual equipment. Be on-site while such work is being conducted

or coordinate with custodian/office manager

7. Attend weekly staff meetings and participate collaboratively as a member of staff team.

8. Complete other duties as assigned.

General Responsibilities:

1. Understand and support the beliefs, vision, mission, and ministry of New Hope

Presbyterian Church.

2. Work collaboratively with other staff and support the staff values and norms, follow the

Guidelines as stated in the Employee Handbook, and respect confidentiality.

3. Represent Christ and New Hope Presbyterian Church with grace and hospitality.

Education & Experience

1. High School diploma or equivalent.

2. 3+ Years of Managing People & Projects.


1. Excellent people skills.

2. Good writing and communication skills.

3. Strong organizational skills and the ability to multi-task.

4. Proficiency with Office 365.

5. Knowledge or experience with aspects of basic building maintenance, can understand

terminology and can communicate well with Contractors.

Evaluation: This position is evaluated annually by Head of Staff/Senior Pastor. A written report

is prepared of this evaluation and signed by the Head of Staff/Senior Pastor. During the course of

the evaluation, the Job Description shall be reviewed and needed alterations discussed.

Note: This description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, or working conditions

associated with this job. It is intended to be a reflection of the principal job elements essential for making

compensation and employment decisions.

Salary & Benefits

$22 - $25

  • Vacation days
  • Health Reimbursement

Can be done remote?

  • No

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