Strongsville Bible Fellowship Strongsville, OH Full Time
1 month ago

Job Description

Preaching, teaching, prayer, communication, strategic leadership and planning, staff supervision and development, administration.


Candidate possessing a Seminary degree is preferred, but proven ministry experience and excellent references alone may be sufficient. Candidate must be a man of prayer more than a man of planning; a man of great faith more than a man of great accomplishments; a man who loves people more than he loves projects; a great listener as well as an effective speaker; a man who leads like a shepherd, not a cowboy.

Salary & Benefits

$45,000 - $55,000

  • Vacation days

Can be done remote?

  • No

About Strongsville Bible Fellowship Church

Non-denominational Under 100 people

We are passionate about staying true to all biblical teachings. We are passionate about avoiding legalistic tendencies and preaching a grace-oriented gospel. What makes us unique is that, for a small church, we have always been able to support a full slate of ministries for every age group due to an unusually high percentage of dedicated church workers.