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Job Description


Maple Grove Christian Church is seeking to fill the position of senior pastor. The position will include but not limited to spiritual oversight and leadership direction to church leaders and the congregation. Examples are preaching, discipleship, planning and executing small groups, evangelizing and counseling those in need.


The Senior Pastor should possess 5 years of experience in the ministry.

The Senior Pastor is to preach and/or teach in both the Sunday Morning Services He should also lead the Wednesday Bible Study, though he may delegate the teaching portion of that study.

The pastor is to be available and willing to perform weddings and funerals as needed.

The Senior Pastor is responsible for general administration oversight.

The Senior Pastor will lead and guide all other members of the pastoral staff. He will be responsible to ensure that all staff, pastoral and otherwise, fulfill the requirements of their job descriptions.

The pastor is to maintain contact with all supported church missionaries and missions. He is to see that the congregation is also involved in the lives and ministries of those missionaries and missions.

The Pastor will oversee the planning of outreach activities in the surrounding neighborhoods and cities. He will be an active part of the outreach.

He will oversee the assimilation of new attendees and work toward creating an inviting environment in the congregation.

The Pastor will oversee the Christian Education of all ages. This includes Sunday School classes, youth, and adult education. He will delegate many responsibilities to volunteers in the church.

The pastor will provide short-term counseling as needed. He will be available and responsive to crisis situations. He will provide pastoral care through the most effective means possible.

The position requires great flexibility in time schedule. The pastor should be available for evening activities as well as work on the weekends.

Listening to God. The pastor is to be the chief intercessor. While our whole church prays, the senior pastor is to lead the way. There should be few in the church who pray with more zeal and more consistently than he does. He sets the pace. It’s not that his prayers are more spiritual or that God listens to him more, but there is something deeply sacred about the office of senior pastor. It’s about his calling and he should clearly recognize the voice of his Father in heaven.

Understand the importance of Shaping the Church’s culture:

Communicate Biblical Truth. A pastor engages supernatural power every time he speaks the word of God. This power is life-giving and life-changing One’s style of communication isn’t near as important as his level of preparation, spiritual passion and connection with people. As a gifted communicator, he should be willing to hone his craft with even more preparation.

Cast a clear vision.  In order to lead the people forward, he must have a vision. A clear sense of direction is needed to inspire momentum. Where we are headed, how we will get there, and how will we know when we have arrived (goals and acknowledgment). Casting vision is not limited to the Sunday morning stage. In fact, it’s more often that you are casting vision one-on-one and in small groups of people. And because vision leaks, this process must be repeated over and over again.

Develop Leaders. No pastor can do it all, He will need more leaders to help carry out the vision God has given for Maple Grove. 

Connect with the community. The pastor must be willing to live and thrive in community. This means personal evangelism or connecting with the community, this practice helps keep a general awareness of what is going on the outside your church and also fulfills the vision on biblical teaching. There is a desire for our church to be connected through activities and organizations. The long-term returns will be strong.

The Senior Pastor will seek to undertake his duties in the power of the Holy Spirit, undergirded with prayer, guided by the Scriptures, and manifesting the character of Christ for the glory of God.

While ensuring that his first loyalty is to God and the Word, the Pastor will support the leadership of the church generally and specifically that of the Elders. The Pastor will strive to maintain positive and fruitful relationships with members and leaders. While concerns or differences of opinion may arise, the Pastor will communicate in a biblical manner and abide by appropriate supervisory direction and any final determinations of the Elders. Whether leading the congregation or submitting to those in authority over him, the Pastor will do so in a joyful manner.

                              The Pastor will strictly maintain appropriate confidentiality

                               The Senior Pastor must agree with MGCC articles of faith


Personal Skills:    Servant Leadership—the Pastor should be able to lead in a variety of contexts (individual, small groups, large groups) in such a way that Jesus Christ and his gospel are central. He should be a self-starter and take initiative. He should be wise and discerning and know when to be decisive, sensitive, tender, and firm.

Relational—the Pastor should have a heart to care for people. That drive should manifest itself in the appropriate use of time.

Administrative—while seeking mainly to shepherd people, the Pastor should have the skill set and ability to effectively manage the various administrative tasks associated with the position.

Teaching/Equipping—the Pastor should be a fruitful, biblical teacher. His teaching should effectively “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.”

Communication—the Pastor should be able to communicate clearly, concisely, and in a loving and biblical manner. The Pastor must be a compelling, gifted public communicator with a blend of humility and zeal.

Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.

Qualified applicants should submit a resume to


Salary & Benefits

$67,334 - $82,334

Can be done remote?

  • No

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