Sr. Pastor

Standale Baptist Church Grand Rapids, MI Full Time
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Job Description

Teaching and Preaching:

•   Preach and teach the Word in Sunday morning and evening services, and our Wednesday Prayer meeting. Administer the ordinances.



•   Moderate congregational business meetings.

•   Supervise the ministry of the church clerk, pastoral assistants, secretary, and those involved in the business office of the church.

•   Serve as a member of the Board of Deacons and the Corporate Board of Trustees in legal matters.

•   Shall be considered an ex-officio member of all committees of the church. Serving in such capacity to establish and accomplish objectives in conjunction with our strategies.


Other Duties: 

•   Counseling on an as-needed basis.

•   Conduct weddings as requested.

•   Conduct funerals as needed.

•   Hospital visitation & home visitations.

•   Participate and promote evangelism as a fundamental part of church ministry.

•   Oversee and coordinate youth discipleship, training the next generation of leaders.


Salary & Benefits


Can be done remote?

  • No

About Standale Baptist Church Church

Baptist - Other Under 100 people

Standale Baptist Church is a family formed by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, saved by His grace and led by His Spirit. We follow Him in obedience motivated by the love and grace that has been poured out to us. That same love that is our distinction in the world, we are impassioned by to reach our community. It is our privilege and duty to gather together to worship our Savior, to bring Him glory in all things, and to work out our sanctification side by side.


We are located in Walker, Michigan just west of Grand Rapids, a rapidly growing community with a diversity of people, ages, and housing: single family homes, apartment complexes, senior living and trailer parks; all within just a few miles. We are located on a major state road, Lake Michigan Drive/M45, where a bus line runs students either west to GVSU Allendale Campus or to the GVSU downtown campus. We are 8 miles from Allendale and 6 miles from downtown GR. The area has had good growth the past few years with many new housing projects.