Worship Leader

Kessid Church Vancouver, WA Full Time
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Job Description

Worship Leader – Kessid Church


Job Classification: Full or Part-time


Position Summary: The Kessid Church worship leader will work to bring vibrant, engaging worship that motivates congregates of Kessid to express their love for Jesus through song and praise. This position will encompass musical worship, assisting with production, and providing an overall ambiance for the worship and church services.

Job Responsibilities:

·Lead worship each week.

·Create engaging worship sets that draw the congregation into the presence of God.

·Work with the Lead Pastor to select a closing song that ties well with the message.

·Be able to direct the worship team so there is unity and understanding in the arrangement and execution of songs.

·Check-in weekly with the worship pastor to ensure the worship department is unified in its vision for Kessid worship.

·Possess a working knowledge of the soundboard/tech set up and be able to assist the front-of-house engineer if any problems should arise.

Personal Responsibilities:

·Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus first, your spouse second, your children third, and the ministry fourth.

·Be able to problem solve on the fly to assure services at Kessid run as smoothly as possible.

·Demonstrate a Christ-like attitude through all the interactions with congregation, staff, and volunteers.

·Invest in and invite the lost and struggling to know Jesus and continue their growth in Him while attending Kessid Church.


Requires Skills & Qualifications:

·Have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus and a continually growing relationship with Him.

·Excellent creative skills with the ability to move from vision to execution with all the elements related to the creative process.

·Theologically sound in musical preference, style, and creativity.

·Excellent people, leadership, and organizational skills.

·Work well with cross-generational team members, as well as implementing both modern and traditional worship songs.

·Have an engaging, gracious, and relational ministry style.

·Proficiency in music theory, playing instruments, and strong vocal skills so that the church body can easily engage.


Education Requirements:

·High School diploma or equivalent.



·Background clearance.

Salary & Benefits

$30,000 - $50,000

  • Health care
  • Vacation days

Can be done remote?

  • No

About Kessid Church Church

Non-denominational 1000+ people

In Scripture, “Kessid” is the Hebrew word for God’s Steadfast Love. The best way to understand the meaning is by thinking of a mother’s love. We can fight it, turn our back to it, run away from it, but a true mother will never stop loving or pursuing a relationship with us just as God will never, ever stop loving us unconditionally.

This is the story we want to tell as a community.

Our stories come together as a part of God’s story.

Because we are a part of God’s story, we all have a role to play.

We tell the story through the things we build with our hands, the lives we touch, and the art that we create.

Mothers and Fathers tell the story of unconditional love.

Friends tell the story of belonging and grace.

Grandparents tell the story of service and sacrifice.

Children tell the story of joy and wonder,

and each of us tells the story of the uniqueness of God’s creation.

The Holy Spirit breathes life into our stories, and Scripture tells the ultimate story of Love. Through this Love, we are bound together in the greatest story ever told.