Youth Minister

Maple Avenue Christian Church Macomb, IL Full Time
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Job Description

The Youth Minister is commissioned by the elders to lead the church’s ministry to youth. The purpose of this position is to lead the youth to be transformed to Christ-likeness.  


It is essential that this person not only be qualified and gifted in the needed ministry skills, but also be a Christian in the New Testament sense and show the fruit of the Spirit in his/her life. It is also important that this person be able to whole-heartedly accept the vision statement of Maple Avenue Christian Church (transforming people to Christ-likeness) and apply it to his/her duties on the job so the church can be aided to achieve her goals. 

Specific Ministry Responsibilities:

  • The Youth Minister is to ensure that the MACC ministry for Youth is grounded in and committed to the following core values:
  • Created to worship God
  • Commissioned to seek lost people
  • Challenged to grow in Christ
  • Called to care for one another
  • Commanded to be whole-life stewards
  • Cultivated to live a life of prayer
  • Crafted to serve one another
  • The Youth Minister will oversee many and varied administrative tasks, including:
  • Develop a team leadership approach, which causes other leaders to work cooperatively with one another in the recruitment, training, and implementation of ministry goals.
  • Oversee planning the budget and the expenditures of funds in the area of youth ministries.
  • Appropriately communicating activities, dates, plans, etc. to all necessary people. This includes events such as but not limited too:
  • Christian Service Camps
  • Youth Worship
  • Sunday School
  • Mid-week ministry
  • After school events
  • Community outreach
  • Keep necessary records of all programs for the purpose of regular evaluation. 
  • Ensure that all supplies, materials, equipment, facilities, etc. are kept on hand and in usable condition for all youth ministry events. 
  • Pass along items for agenda to the administrative assistant for the weekly staff meetings and to the Sr. Minister for bi-weekly (or special sessions) elders meetings.  


General Ministry Responsibilities:

  • He/she shall report important issues in youth ministry to the senior minister and/or elders (or as requested).
  • He/she is expected to engage in workshops, classes, and reading that will keep him/her aware of new resources and ideas for ministry.
  • He/she shall make ministerial shepherding calls in coordination with other staff (e.g. hospital, new members, evangelism, pastoral, etc.), especially as related to youth.
  • He/she shall fulfill additional responsibilities as mutually agreed upon with the elders and/or senior minister.
  • He/she is expected to strive for excellence in personal and pastoral responsibilities.  


The candidate for youth minister at Maple Avenue Christian Church should have a bachelors degree from a Christian College/University. It is preferred that the candidate have at least two years of experience. The candidate should have a great work ethic and energy to keep up with Junior High and High School students. The candidate should be willing to volunteer in other ministries in the church as well as volunteer in our community.

Salary & Benefits

$40,000 - $45,000

  • Vacation days
  • Professional Expense
  • Cafeteria Plan
  • Health Insurance Stipend

Can be done remote?

  • No

About Maple Avenue Christian Church Church

Non-denominational 251-500 people

"Transforming People to Christ-likeness" is what we are all about here at Maple Avenue Christian Church! MACC is located just a hundred yards from Macomb’s Jr. & Sr. High School with a new Jr. High being built directly behind our property! Being the home of Western Illinois University, Macomb is unique in its cultural diversity for a mid-west town. We currently have worshippers from metropolitan, suburban, and rural areas as well as from a variety of countries. We are near completion of building a multipurpose area for afterschool activities as well as overall church use and Sunday morning worship. Interested applicants should be interested in developing real relationships with all people or as we say here, “Transforming People to Christ-likeness.”