8 Crucial Steps to Build a Great Team

8 Crucial Steps to Build a Great Team

Experienced leaders know you can accomplish far more with a team than you can by yourself. Surrounding yourself with top talent is one of the most important things any leader can do. So how do you identify the type of individuals that can make a good team a great team?

For answers, I revisited the 2013 college football champion Florida State Seminoles and their head coach Jimbo Fisher. Following its BCS Championship game victory over Auburn, Sports Illustrated profiled the team in its January 13, 2014, edition. As I read the article, I uncovered some truths which can help any leader regardless of what industry you are in.

The following are 8 Things Great Leaders Do to Build Great Teams:

1. If You Want a Great Team, Hire a Great Leader. 

Coach Fisher was the defensive coordinator for both Nick Saban and Les Miles while with the LSU Tigers from 2000 through 2006. Upon becoming FSU’s head coach in 2010, he modeled the program after the way Coach Saban would later build the Alabama Crimson Tide.

2. Great Leaders Build a Strong Inner-Circle. 

Fisher hired Alabama’s defensive backs coach Jeremy Pruitt.

3. Great Leaders Establish a Leadership Culture. 

Fisher hired a nutritionist, built up the team’s strength staff and a mental-conditioning coach.

4. Great Leaders Have a Long-Term Plan. 

Head Coach Jimbo Fisher spent the next four years accumulating talent.

5. Great Leaders Recruit Influencers. 

Top talent always wants to work with other talented people. After recruiting high school stars Lamarcus Joyner and Jeff Luc, other top recruits took notice. Joyner and Luc are credited with generating the recruiting momentum the program needed.

6. Great Leaders Recruit Difference Makers. 

In 2012, Fisher recruited superstar quarterback Jameis Winston. The final piece of the championship puzzle was now in place.

7. Great Leaders Recruit People Who Respond to Big Vision.

FSU top player Christian Jones said, “Ever since I’ve been a freshman, we’ve talked about getting to this point. Off season, through spring ball, for the past three years, and he (Coach Fisher) told us this is where we would be. We’re going to win our conference; we’re going to win a BCS bowl and go to a national championship.”

8. Great Leaders Recruit People Who Respond Well to Pressure. 

Defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan said, “Everybody said we’ve never been in tight games, and they don’t know we’ll react to it. But we fight. We’re Seminoles. That’s what we do.”

What is one thing you learned from this list that will help you build a better team?