6 Traits That Make a GREAT Children’s Pastor

What makes a great children’s ministry leader? Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some characteristics that immediately come to mind. A great children’s ministry leader:

1. Loves God and acts on that love daily.

Seems obvious, but it’s easy to get so caught up in the business of ministry that we let our own relationship slip.

2. Loves their family and keeps them a priority.

Again … obvious … but again, easy to let spouse and kids take a back seat to the needs of ministry

3. Leads with vision.

They see the big picture and express the vision of children’s ministry constantly.

4. Equips parents to be disciple makers. 

Understanding that primary spiritual formation happens in the home and not in the church, the great children’s ministry leader gives ministry back to parents, but equips them first.

5. Reproduces themselves by growing leaders.

Nothing great will happen within a children’s ministry without great leaders, and a great children’s ministry leader knows it’s foolish and wrong to try to do everything by themselves.

6. Delegates details.

They stay out in front by trusting the leaders they’ve reproduced with the details of ministry, freeing themselves up to lead with vision.