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10 Habits of Great Workplace Cultures

10 Habits of Great Workplace Cultures
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    Brian Dodd
Are you part of an unhealthy workplace culture? Do you wake up every day and go to a job that does not thrive or make a difference? On a personal level, do you feel like you are wasting away where you work and something better must be out there? If so, you will find Stephanie Apstein’s August 28 Sports Illustrated article on the Los Angeles Dodgers helpful. The Dodgers are one of major league baseball’s best teams having already clinched a play-off spot. They also have one of baseball’s best workplace cultures. The following are 10 Habits of Great Workplace Cultures I gleaned from Apstein’s profile of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Whether you lead a church, business or nonprofit, these lessons will help you.
  1. Great Workplace Cultures Are Filled With Great Leaders – The Dodgers have six front office members who were former general managers.
  2. Great Workplace Cultures Are Filled With Grateful Employees –  All-star third baseman Justin Turner said to many of the team’s young players, “This is the only team you’ve ever know. This is my fourth organization, and it’s by far the best one. The money’s going to be there wherever you go, but you don’t know how it’s going to be in the clubhouse.”
  3. Great Workplace Cultures Have a Great Sense of Urgency – One of the team’s owners, Magic Johnson, said, “We want to win now.”
  4. Great Workplace Cultures Are Filled With People With Great Intelligence – Turner said, “I think we’ve become a smarter baseball team as well as a good baseball team.”
  5. Great Workplace Cultures Have Financial Margin – The Dodgers have considerable financial resources, which they have used to employ a deep team. During the month of August, 12 different players were on the disabled list. The annual salaries of these individuals totaled $110 million, indicating these were not just average players who were hurt. However, the team continued to win. For instance, they went 19-4 after star pitcher Clayton Kershaw was injured in July.
  6. Great Workplace Cultures Develop Their Employees – After years as a marginal player, Turner was willing to change his swing. He said, “I changed the way I think about hitting.” The change made him an All-Star.
  7. Great Workplace Cultures Are Filled With Great Care for One Another – Turner experienced much failure early in his career. This has allowed him to connect with team stars as well as the last man on the bench.
  8. Great Workplace Cultures Are Filled With Great Support for One Another – When the pitchers need help, the Dodgers have one of the league’s best defenses. Furthermore, at the time of the article, the offense ranked second in the league in slugging percentage (.452) and on-base percentage (.341).
  9. Great Workplace Cultures Are Cultures With Great Encouragement – This past May, reliever Grant Dayton was demoted from majors back to Triple A. Turner told him, “Hey, you’re important to this team. Go work on some stuff and then come help us win a World Series.”
  10. Great Workplace Cultures Thrive in Difficult Situations – Turner hits .358 on pitches 95 mph and faster. He also hits .375 on 0-2 counts.
What is one thing you learned from this list that will help you develop a great workplace culture? This article originally appeared here.