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10 Questions You Better Be Ready to Answer at a Pastoral Interview

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    Eric McKiddie
A reader emailed me today to let me know that the articles here have been a big help to him as he finishes seminary and prepares to candidate at a church in a couple weeks. It reminded me of an article I read a year ago by R.C. Sproul titled “10 Important Things to Ask a Potential Pastor” (another reason why Evernote is awesome: I found this article in less than five seconds by searching “interview” in Evernote). I post the 10 questions for any of you who happen to be on either side of the interview table. If you’re trying to fill a position at your church, consider asking your applicants these questions. If you are the one being interviewed, you better be ready to answer these questions! 10. What do you believe your fundamental calling is as a minister of the gospel? 9. What do you believe is the function of Lord’s Day worship? How would you see that function best served? 8. Who are your heroes, and why are they your heroes? 7. What is the greatest danger to the peace of the local church? What is the greatest danger to the purity of the local church? 6. What are the last five books you read? What is the most helpful book you read in the past year? 5. What was the most positive aspect of your training for gospel ministry? What was the most negative aspect? 4. What is the good news of Jesus Christ? 3. What have you done for the unbelievers in your community? What have you done for the unborn? 2. How would your friends honestly describe the disposition of your wife and children? 1. What are your greatest weaknesses as a pastor? The only thing I don’t like about this list is that it asks for your weaknesses, but not your strengths. The Bible says we have spiritual gifts. A better question would be, "How do you put your strengths to work in areas where you are weak?" But besides that, there’s some pretty good stuff here. Check out the rest of the article for Sproul’s answers.