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10 Tips on Picking a Great Leader for Your Church

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    Brian Dodd
Everyone wants to select great leaders.  The sustainability of your future depends on it.  Selecting great leaders is vital to your success. The NFL Draft mesmerizes me.  The decision-making process teams go through during the selection process fascinates me.  Few events give you insight into how leaders think more than the NFL Draft. By utilizing the talents of Louis RiddickJon Gruden and Mel Kiper, ESPN’s coverage was superlative.  The following are comments from each and their insights provide for us tips on picking great leaders for our organizations. We learn from the draft’s first 10 selections, a great leader:
  1. Makes Good Decisions – “His (Jameis Winston) decision making has been spotty to say the least.” – Riddick.  “My concern with Winston is too many bad decisions.” – Gruden
  2. Gives You an Identity – “All teams picking high in the draft have a common theme.  They don’t have quarterbacks. – Riddick.  “Tonight will be the greatest night in Titans’ history since they drafted Steve McNair.” – Gruden.  “They (Tennessee Titans) need some identity.  They need a quarterback.” – Kippur
  3. Has Versatility – “He (Dante Fowler) is comfortable on a weekly basis (playing different positions).”
  4. Makes Others Better – “Amari Cooper is an obvious pick…For him (Raiders quarterback David Carr) to step it up he needs a star receiver.” – Kiper
  5. Has High Character – “Brandon Scherff has been well-trained by (Iowa head coach) Kirk Ferentz.” – Gruden  “His character is A+.” – Riddick
  6. Solves Problems – “They (Jets) need to be able to attach the quarterback…I don’t know how much he (Leonard Williams) brings to that” – Riddick
  7. Is Reliable – ‘The value here (the 7th pick) is with the best player on the board and that’s Kevin White.” – Kiper.  “He’s consistent.” – Gruden.
  8. Produces Results – “25 sacks, 44.5 tackles for loss the last two years.  Six forced fumbles the last two years (for Vic Beasley).” – Kiper.  “If it’s 3rd down there’s no one I would rather have in this draft than this kid.” – Riddick
  9. Has Experience – “He (Ereck Flowers) is still raw.  I don’t know what position he will settle into.” – Kiper.
  10. Is Someone Worth Waiting For – “Who’s blocking for him (Todd Gurley)?” – Riddick.  “When (Rams head coach) Jeff Fisher has been at his best he’s had a good defense and he’s run the football.” – Gruden.  “Jeff Fisher’s willing to wait as long as he has to wait for Gurley to be healthy from that ACL.” – Chris Mortenson