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3 Reasons Why Monday Can Be the Best Day of the Week (No, Really!)

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    Cole NeSmith
I was in the gym and overheard two guys talking to each other. “How are ya?” one asks the other. “Eh. It’s Monday,” the other replies. “Ridiculous!” I think to myself. “What are these people doing with their lives that they think Mondays are the worst thing that can happen to a human being?” Let’s change our mindset! Here are three reasons why Monday is awesome. 1. It’s an opportunity to hit the reset button. Our lives are made of rhythms. Twenty-four hours in a day, the seasons, a year. Our lives are lived in cycles, and a week is one of those cycles. While a cycle indicates the end of one season, it also brings with it the beginning of another. Every week is an opportunity to embrace God’s mercy and start anew. Use each Monday as an opportunity to lay down the pains of the previous seven days, reconcile and move forward into a new week with hope. 2. It’s an opportunity to set a new course. I assume that people who complain about Mondays hate what they do and who they do it alongside. To them, I say, “Change it!” And you may be full of reasons why you can’t, but there’s only one reason things will change … because you decide to change them. If you dread Mondays, consider the changes you need to make in your life so that you’ll look forward to them. Sometimes, setting a new course means changing what we do. Other times, it means changing our attitude and mindset toward what we do. So whether it’s what you do or how you think, allow each Monday to be a new opportunity to calibrate you in the direction of thriving. 3. Mondays are full of potential. Mondays represent a week that has yet to be lived. Mondays are the first day of a week of life—a week we’ll never get back. So look forward to the week with hope. Recognize that before you lies seven days of stories. It’s up to us what those stories are. Mondays are a day for dreaming of what could be. I know it’s difficult to conceive, but every Monday is an opportunity to live the best week of your life. Every Monday represents a week in which we have the opportunity to experience something unexpected, special, unique and life changing. On Mondays, everything is ahead of you. Change your mind. Don’t fall into the cultural trap that views Mondays as a curse. Instead, live a life that flies in the face of a system that has jaded people to the joys of life so much they hate waking up for another week. I truly pray you will live a life that helps you view every Monday as the best day of the week because you can’t wait to see what’s ahead!