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3 Ways to Empower Female Leaders

3 Ways to Empower Female Leaders
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    Eric Geiger
As women are leading more and more in the broader culture, Christian women are being given more opportunities to steward and more responsibilities to leverage for God’s kingdom. How can ministry leaders encourage women as they serve and lead in different ways in both their churches and in the world?

1. Acknowledge their leadership.

Any leader would tell you that leadership isn’t easy. In some ways, it is even more difficult for women who lead. God has called women to serve and lead in various ways, yet sometimes they have not been encouraged to find their place of leadership or grow as leaders. Often their peers or their supervisors do not cheer them on. Occasionally they are even discouraged from leading. Find ways to highlight the women who serve in your church and in their professional lives.

2. Give them opportunities to serve.

Women are looking for ways to live out their faith in various ways—in and through their churches, in their neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, community organizations and families. Many times, women will not actively pursue leadership roles that they are not 100 percent sure they will succeed in. However, given the opportunity, most women will rise to the occasion because someone else believed they could do it and that encouraged them to grow and stretch their leadership abilities. Give women opportunities to serve and to influence others.

3. Provide training and encouragement.

Women desire to know how to live out their faith in all areas of life. And women lead differently than men. So, where do women learn to navigate the challenges they face in their spheres of influence? How do they learn healthy conflict management, negotiating skills or team building? And are they grounded in God’s Word daily? Our culture is difficult to navigate, and women need to know that God and His truth will prevail.