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5 Crucial Guidelines for Making a Church Hire

5 Crucial Guidelines for Making a Church Hire
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    Paul Alexander
Recruiting and hiring a new team member can be exciting! Hire the right person and the whole team benefits. When you invite the right person to join your team not only is there an infusion of new talent, but also new ideas, fresh eyes and a new well of experiences to go to. The right new hire can literally improve the performance of the entire team. On the other hand, hire the wrong person and the ministry at your church could be set back for years. Here are five principles to keep in mind when it’s time to make the next hire at your church.

1. Don’t Advertise Outside of Your Church

If you like what’s going on at your church, the best way to keep it going on is to hire from the inside. So don’t bother advertising outside your church, develop and hire internal talent.

2. Think Talent First

Instead of hiring to a job profile, hire for talent. Stop sharing a job description and looking for someone to fill a role, and just starting scouting for talent…like all the time. Just get the right talent in the room, figure out the roles later.

3. Reinvent the Role

Each time you make a new hire you have the opportunity to reinvent the role. Rethink the scope of responsibility, the profile of what the right team member looks like for that role, and for that matter rethink the structure of the team. With each new hire there is great opportunity for organizational change, don’t miss it!

4. Get Rid of “Groupthink”

Too many hires and you’ll end up with groupthink. You’ll end up with a “We’ve always done in that way” mindset on your team. Break that up by hiring from the outside and challenging the status quo.

5. Don’t Fear the Intimidation Factor

Hire people who intimidate you. Hire people who know more than you know, have more experience than you have, who will challenge your thinking and will be the expert in their area of responsibility. Hire people who will intimidate you.