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5 People You Should Remove from Your News Feed (Today!)

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Ah, Facebook. A bastion of social media. The only portal of connection we have left with  Aunt Mildred in Canada. So many good things and fun times. But if you're like most people, you have a subconscious list of people you're beginning to regret befriending on Facebook. Old high school acquaintances, distant cousins thrice removed or maybe a slew of co-workers you befriended during your first week at a new job. Harmless stuff, right? Well, maybe not. Social media has the power to influence us unlike any other type of social interaction we have throughout our day. What we read, see, ponder and comment on can directly affect our sense of well-being, our ambition and our energy. It's a big deal. When we "friend" someone, we give them access to our lives in an intimate way. Unfortunately, some people cross the line and abuse the friendship. The only (polite) way to take control of our News Feed is to remove these five toxic people from their place of influence in our lives: 1. The Play-by-Player Your News Feed is inundated with posts about their every waking thought. "Headed to work #bestjobever. My lunch is so delish! Great phone call with my mom! I have a headache. I'm hungry. Maybe I'll go to the gym after work." And on and on and on it goes. Honestly, this person is too busy thinking about themselves to bring anything to the friendship. Your problems and your accomplishments will always be overshadowed by their self-focus. 2. The Never-Ending Inviter So-and-so has invited you to play Farmville! Like my page on Facebook! Come to my ironic mustache party! Team Edward! This person probably isn't aware, but they're on a full-fledge mission to destroy every ounce of your productivity with their onslaught of invitations. Unless this person is your mother, it's best to remove them. 3. The My-Life-Is-Soooo-Much-Better-Than-Yours Braggart No explanation needed, right? As Teddy Roosevelt once said, "Comparison is the thief of joy." 4. The Victim Her boyfriend is having guys' night ... AGAIN (how dare he?)! His boss looked at him funny. Someone stole "their" parking spot outside work this morning. This person's life is an endless series of small grievances and big drama. And soon enough, you'll be the person they complain about next. Getting involved ain't worth it. 5. The Passive-Aggressive Non-Friend Their gossip is masked by subtle attempts at "caring."  And telling them, "Let's keep this between us" is basically permission to share your bizness with the internet. This person is toxic and has the potential to totally derail your life, your ministry, your job and every relationship you have with every person you know. Stay far, far away. And ... (you guessed it) remove them from your Feed. As you consider your list of friends, pray and ask God to reveal the relationships that need to be evaluated.