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6 Strange Habits of the Most Successful Leaders

6 Strange Habits of the Most Successful Leaders
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    Christopher Wesley
Would you consider yourself a great leader? You might think you are a good leader, but great, that’s a different question, right? Great leaders are brave and willing to take risks. They are intelligent and constantly learning. They are a different breed, but then again leaders do have some odd behaviors like:

1. Taking Out the Trash

They literally should take out the trash. Even if you have a cleaning crew, a leader doesn’t see emptying out a trash can as beneath them. In fact, a great leader never believes a task too big or too small.

2. Playing Favorites

A leader understands the value of the men and women who work for them. They also know that it’s impossible to treat everyone equally. But, that doesn’t stop them from thanking those they can thank. They understand that when an opportunity to thank someone arises they should take it.

3. Not Doing Too Much

A leader doesn’t do everything because they know they can’t do everything. A great leader:
  • Knows their limits and strengths.
  • Prioritizes their responsibilities.
  • Delegates effectively.
While nothing is beneath them, they know what they must do in order to be the most successful.

4. Keeping Quiet

Leaders should be effective communicators and that means knowing when to speak and when to listen. A great leader listens to others, processes information, and when they do speak they aren’t wasting words.

5. Vacationing Hard

Leaders know in order to go the long haul they need to pace themselves. To help them recover and refuel, they make their vacation a priority. Not only do they take a vacation, but they turn off the technology, catch up on sleep and make sure they are focused on the work ahead.

6. Spending Time Daydreaming

A big picture vision comes from big time day dreaming. A leader isn’t afraid to stop doing in order to spend time thinking about long-term vision and overcoming big-time obstacles. OK, maybe these habits aren’t so odd, but they are often overlooked. Be sure to pay attention to the small things that you do. Sometimes it’s the small things that have the biggest impact.